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The sneaker craze over the last decade has been insane (in a good way). The industry has grown a ton and we have the awesome shoe brands, talented players and loyal sports/sneaker fans everywhere to thank for that. Another piece to that puzzle has undoubtedly been the Eastbay catalog. Among many other things, Eastbay’s Jordan selection and the variety of colors always baffled me as a kid, and still does to this day! So lets take a stroll down Eastbay Memory Lane and have a look at the hoops catalog from 10 years ago. The cover featured a massive dunk by a guy that is “VERTICALLY INSANE.” The back cover has a nice pair of Nike Air Max Plus that look like an Olympic-esque colorway.

As we move to Page 3 we see a solid Reebok collection. This is where the color variety comes into play. 15 colors of the Reebok Question! It’s nice to think back to Iverson’s prime…

Page 9 was amazing. As you see it has a bunch of AJ XV in mids, lows and mocs along with some classy $225 Jordan boots, the original Super Freak and the Trunner. But most of all, the retros caught my eye. The icy Air Jordan V Laney and White/Silver colorways and the biggest gem of this catalog, the wrong sample Air Jordan VI with the Infared midsole. The actual VI that was shipped to customers of course had the dominantly black midsole with the Infared accents, making this minor error a beauty.