Eastbay Gives Back to Loyal Fans (2)

words // Brandon Richard

With millions of customers served annually, the Eastbay team is constantly looking for fresh, innovative ways to show appreciation to their loyal fans. The most recent example of this commitment to giving back was the decision to reward some Loyalty Club members with a brand new pair of the shoes everybody is talking about. For the past two weeks, Eastbay representatives have packed up the Eastbay Tour Truck for trips to Indianapolis and Wisconsin Dells, where they surprised lucky recipients with the “Galaxy” Nike Air Foamposite One. You can see how the process unfolded by checking out the exclusive videos below.

The surprises won’t end there; Eastbay will continue to travel to various cities across the country to gift more loyal fans with highly sought after sneakers and other items.

Head over to Facebook.com/Eastbay and Twitter.com/Eastbay  (use #EastbayLoyalty) to keep tabs on these exciting developments and future gifting events.

Eastbay Gives Back to Loyal Fans (1)