words // Taylor Scharfenberg
image // Heidi Hammer

While many of the soccer fans out there already know of Kansas City forward Teal Bunbury, not so many have gotten this kind of advice from him. Teal is the first soccer pro to become part of the Eastbay Field Tested team. The program offers professional advice on gear along with elite-level ratings on top product attributes. What does Teal think so far?

“The Field Tested program is huge for young athletes, especially if you’re aspiring to play at the collegiate or professional level. It gives you a better insight into what athletes at the highest level prefer to wear and what fits their playing style. You’re able to look at that and gauge yourself against somebody who has played the game, has good knowledge of the game, and will be able to give really good feedback.”

Teal also shared his own feedback on the adidas Predator LZ TRX FG. As a forward, his priority is control during passing and shooting, which he gets from the Predator’s 3D Lethal Zones.

“I love the new Lethal Zones, especially the way you can pass. The Predator has a lot of cushion along the foot so it’s very easy to be accurate with your passes. Being more of a powerful forward, I like to shoot. The Predator gives me a better feel on the ball at the top when I’m trying to shoot with my laces. It helps me with my accuracy, zeroing in, and getting it on target.”

After striking accuracy, Teal’s second priority is finding a cleat that’s lightweight. While the Predator isn’t the lightest cleat on the market, the combination of speed and support is just right for power forwards like Teal:

“I want to use my speed, so I prefer a cleat that’s as light as possible. But I also want it to give me enough cushioning and stability where I’m not going to roll my ankle. With the Predators, I definitely feel like they are very light, but made for a powerful player, someone with speed. They fit me perfectly.”

Teal’s review of the Predator is just one of the many reviews you’ll discover within Eastbay Field Tested. You’ll find ratings on attributes like cushioning, control, traction, and fit for many of your favorite cleats. You can also review cleats that you’ve tried, letting other players out there know how they stack up.

For more on Teal, go to eastbay.com/TealBunbury, or start diving into the gear at eastbay.com/FieldTested. Keep checking back for more pros, more products, and more reviews for more sports at Eastbay.

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