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Earlier this summer Vernon Davis was on the cover of Eastbay. After an 8-8 season last year, Vernon is looking to help the 49ers contend for the NFC West crown. The defending division Champ Arizona Cardinals lost veteran quarterback Kurt Warner, so they should have a shot. The season looks promising as Vernon and star teammates Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore look to keep moving the rich San Fransisco franchise in the right direction. We caught up with Vernon to talk about his Eastbay cover, training, advice for young players, his season goals and more. Read below for the exclusive Vernon Davis Interview.

Vernon was nice enough to sign a copy of the Eastbay cover he appeared on back in June.

Talk about what it means to be on the cover of Eastbay. Did you ever buy from Eastbay when you were younger?
It’s an honor to be on the cover because I remember buying my Air Jordan’s and other sports stuff from Eastbay, and I would never have dreamed of actually being on the cover one day.

Talk about your off-season training.
I change up my off-season workouts from those when I’m in season. I spend less time in the weight room and more time doing specific drills and cardio. I love drills that focus on the specific goal of catching … I lay on the ground on my back and my trainer stands above me and throws the football to me over and over, and I just focus on connecting with that ball as when I’m on the field.

What are your team goals and personal goals for this season?
We’re all really excited about the new season, and everyone is ready to give it their all! So far, we’re off to a great start, and I’m looking forward to playing some of my best games this season.

What advice do you have for young athletes that want to play at a college/pro level?
Set a goal, then dream it, visualize it and achieve it. And always give 150 percent.

What is your favorite sports memory (College and Pro)?
At the University of Maryland, my favorite memory is when we upset Florida State! So far in the Pros, my proudest moment has been to tie the NFL record for the most touchdown receptions for a tight end in a single season.

Who were your favorite athletes growing up?
Michael Jordan was my all-time favorite.

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