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words // Ben Schumacher

As a college national champion, Heisman Trophy winner, former number one overall pick, and rising superstar, Cam Newton has never shied away from the spotlight or the enormous expectations placed on him. In fact, he has embraced them, and his sensational play on the field has increased the target on his back. I mean, anyone who does a “Superman” celebration after scoring a touchdown is going to invite some scrutiny, especially if it’s a guy who is still trying to win his first playoff game, but Cam insists the celebration is nothing more than celebrating his uniqueness.

“Your talents make you unique and make you a superhero,” says Cam. “When I score touchdowns and rip my shirt open and ‘ahh’ in excitement, that’s not me saying I’m Superman. That’s me saying I have superhero talent and superhero ability. I want to encourage other people to say ‘I am a superhero, too.’”

Having a unique touchdown celebration and being a player that doesn’t shy away from the spotlight has often invited celebration mocking in the past, and the situation with Cam is no different. However, he doesn’t see the mocking as anything negative.

“It’s not anything bad. It’s not anything derogatory. That’s just players trying to get up under my skin and a lot of people, after I talk to them, do it out of respect. When I see other people do it, it’s pretty cool to see.”

Despite his on-field machismo, you may be a little surprised by the way this 6’5”, 245-pound quarterback gets ready to dominate on the field.

“I have my Christian playlist leading up to the game. Then, when I go to the stadium, it’s pretty much hardcore. I call it the calm before the storm. That’s my meditation. That’s me envisioning making the miraculous plays before the games even started. The closer the game gets, the more intense the music gets. By game time, I’m geeked up and ready to go.”

Cam’s beliefs and self-confidence combined with his abilities and skill on the football field are sure to make him a good player for years to come. Just how good can this guy be? Only time will tell, but Cam seems to have a pretty good idea.

“I’m not satisfied where I’m at right now. I will never be satisfied. I’m always [striving] to take my game to the next level of elite status. In 10 to 15 years, when people mention Cam Newton, they will say he’s the best player that ever played football.”

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