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There is no question that the biggest award handed out amongst college football is The Heisman Trophy Award. This year’s choice might not have been cut and dry when the NCAA football season began but as the season progressed, even amongst what seemed to be endless allegations of wrongdoing, Auburn’s Cameron Newton was the greatest athlete on the football field this year.

Cam Newton wins the 2010 Heisman Trophy Award - Photo via ESPNAfter the Heisman Trophy Trust stripped Reggie Bush of his 2005 trophy earlier in the year, there was speculation by fans and critics that the Heisman Trophy Trust would not vote for Cam Newton after allegations that Newton, and his father violated NCAA regulations.

This weekend however, the Heisman Trophy voters gave Cam Newton the most prestigious honor in college football. Newton becomes the third winner from the Auburn Tigers organization, first since Bo Jackson won it twenty-five years ago. The voting was nowhere near close as Newton grabbed 729 first place votes to beat out Stanford Cardinal’s quarterback Andrew Luck by a margin of 2,263 points to 1,079.

Despite all of the off the field distractions that have seemed to be constantly trying to tarnish Cam Newton’s image, when it came to game day, he was virtually unstoppable. Newton threw for 2,589 yards this year for the Tigers, completing 67.1 percent of his passes to finish the season with a rating of 188.16. Of his 165 completed passes, 28 of them went for touchdowns. However what made Newton even more of a threat this season, and has most analysts predicting him as a high-to-middle first round pick in the NFL Draft is his ability to run the ball as well. Newton’s 242 carries netted him an additional 1409 yards of offense and another 20 touchdowns. Finishing the season with 48 touchdowns and 3,998 yards of total offense, Cam Newton easily out performed other Heisman candidates but also entire schools.

After winning the SEC title in a crushing defeat of South Carolina and winning the Heisman Trophy Award, the only question is what will be Cam Newton be adding to his growing legacy next?