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In early November I made the case that San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey was much more than Rookie of the Year especially to San Francisco fans. Coming from a fan that has waited his whole life for the opportunity to buy that golden ticket that every fan dreams of, I saw first hand the impact of this young star. It was apparent, even watching from a position that challenged my abilities to be objective, that there is something special about Buster Posey and the passion that he brings to the game of baseball. In late November Major League Baseball acknowledged his impact, as well as his potential by naming Posey the 2010 Rookie of the Year.

Eastbay was able to catch up with Buster Posey while the Giants made a stop at Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Cubs earlier this year. It seemed appropriate that as Buster Posey was a key in leading the Giants to their first World Series since moving to San Francisco over 50 years ago, he’d make the perfect athlete to cover the Eastbay Fielder’s Choice catalog. Posey’s professionalism and class shines though in a couple of the behind the scenes videos from the photo shoot, as does his passion for the game and respect for those around him that helped him along the way.

Like many of us who love sports and have siblings, Buster’s memories from childhood tell of when the Eastbay Catalog arrived and quickly became the hot commodity of the household. Although Buster is hoping his brother doesn’t see the videos, it’s a safe bet that with his brother on the cover he most likely will.

Find out what it’s like for Buster Posey to be an Under Armour sponsored athlete, as well as some of the keys to his success below.

Buster Posey's Eastbay Fielder's Choice Catalog Cover

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