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Bring It Back

As each year passes, more and more of our vintage kicks fall victim to the cruel test of time. Leather uppers crack, foam midsoles crumble, and the next thing you know, a prized pair of OGs becomes a pile of rubble. If you’ve ever had a favorite pair fall apart on you, you know the terrible feeling. One step, everything feels fine. The next? You are suddenly walking in a pair of high-top flip-flops. But it’s the chance you take when you give a pair of shoes the showcase they deserve: being worn on your feet. If they would have brought that pair back though, maybe you could have avoided such an unfortunate incident. Here’s a pair that recently fell apart on me, the Air Command Force. Clocking in at almost 20 years old (these released in 1992), a retro release could have helped spare these originals. I’m not sure if it will ever happen, but I’d sure like to see these brought back. Having a fresh pair of Command Forces to wear at will would be a welcome addition to my sneaker rotation.

What’s the next retro model you’d like to see brought back from the archives?

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