Billabong x Andy Davis Pelly the Pelican Collection

In the brand’s first collaboration with an outside artist, Billabong has joined forces with Andy Davis to craft organic and recycled radness in the form of his new surfwear collection.

A California native, Davis grew up wanting just one thing: freedom. He found that freedom by taking to the streets on his skateboard or surfing perfect tubes in the ocean. His love for these sports, and the easy-going lifestyle that accompany them, provided an ideal escape from the restrictions of everyday life.

But during the long hours spent in school, a young Davis found another escape: doodling. As these doodles matured into drawings and paintings, his artistic endeavors began to merge with his other passions, and it wasn’t long before surfing became the source of some serious inspiration. His growing talent led to an attempt at art school, but all Davis really wanted was to play by his own rules, so he dropped out and devoted himself to his surfing and his art.

These led him through the creation of two clothing brands, “free” and “Ando & Friends”, and earned him a cult following within the surfing world. His ability to capture the joy and fun that are the essence of the surfing world is evident in each piece he creates. His art and designs use bright pops of color and unique textures to create a retro feel that perfectly represents the free-spirited nature of his fans.

That spirit now finds a partner in Billabong, bringing Davis’ designs to a much wider audience than ever before. The bright, quirky designs and patterns are matched with recycled or organic materials, confirming the belief that wearing an Andy Davis design not only makes you laid back and free spirited, but is also a declaration that you stand for something good.

Available: Billabong x Andy Davis Pelly the Pelican Surfwear Collection

Billabong Andy Davis Pelly the Pelican Looker Tanktop

Billabong Andy Davis Pelly the Pelican Pelly Boardshort