words // Tim Dunn

With the exception of cleats, when you think baseball, you don’t typically think adidas. But this year, the sporting goods giant is on a mission to change the perception of its brand within the realm of America’s pastime.

Producing premium offerings in the way of bats, batting gloves, fielding gloves, and cleats, adidas is covering all the bases when it comes to setting you up with the top-level gear you need to Prepare To Win.

Leading off are the bats: the EQT X1 and the EQT X2.

Built for the all-around hitter, the X1 comes in at $199.99. It’s a single-piece bat, constructed from a high-quality Damascus aluminum alloy, engineered for its durability, strength, and flexibility. The flexibility and strength of the alloy allowed adidas to squeeze an insane amount of pop out of the thin-walled barrel, and by packaging it in a one-piece design, they created the perfect balance of barrel pop paired with handle stiffness. Built with a balanced swing weight, the X1 flies through the zone at high speeds, making it easier to get around on fast pitches.


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The X2 on the other hand, was designed with the power hitter in mind. It utilizes the same high-performance Damascus alloy found in the X1, but pairs it with adidas’ Permalock Connection Technology, to create a bat that launches balls off the bat like nothing you’ve ever swung before.  The Permalock Connection Technology also serves another purpose: reducing vibration from off-center hits, while mimicking the handle stiffness of a one-piece bat to enhance energy transfer. Built with an end-heavy swing weight, the barrel of the X2 drives through the zone with more inertia than a balanced bat, producing harder, longer hits.  The X2 comes in at $299.99.


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Up second: the EQT batting gloves.

The goal was to create a batting glove that could serve as the perfect link between the hands and the bat. And with highly detailed craftsmanship and premium quality materials, the EQT batting gloves do not disappoint. Sheepskin leather provides a luxury feel with unparalleled bat feel, while perforated back-of-hand areas provide strategic ventilation, fighting sweat that can negatively affect grip and concentration. The EQT batting gloves retail for $44.99


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3rd in the lineup: the adidas EQT fielding glove.

For baseball players, a glove is something special – something you become so close with that you end up knowing it better than the back of your hand. Every glove needs to have three essential qualities to make it worthy of the player it serves: fit, feel, and control. The EQT fielder’s glove series embodies all three, giving you a glove that you can rely on inning after inning, season after season. Full-grain Pro K3 cowhide leather is extremely durable, yet incredibly lightweight, making for a tough, maneuverable defensive weapon. USA Deerskin lines the finger pockets, while deer-tanned cowhide lines the palm, cushioning the hand and providing excellent comfort.  The EQT fielder’s glove series comes in a number of different styles and sizes, suitable for every position on the diamond, and is priced at $219.99.


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Batting cleanup: the adidas Energy Boost Icon.

Featuring adidas’ revolutionary Boost cushioning, the Engery Boost Icon is a true player’s cleat. Traditional metal cleats, while great for traction, can cause foot fatigue and discomfort in the later stages of games. The use of Boost cushioning eliminates this discomfort, while delivering energy return unmatched by any other cushioning technology on the market. On top of that, the Damascus upper has been outfitted with shockvent windows to ventilate your feet and keep you cool and comfortable.  An ICONTRAX 7-cleat configuration rounds out the cleat, providing exceptional traction on the base paths and in the field.  The Energy Boost Icon retails for $149.99.

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