words_Nick Engvall

As far as the sneaker culture goes, there are a handful of shoes that really stepped outside of the glass box that seems to always encase designers. Not that the box does not in some ways exist. There are always outside elements that force designers to maintain current styles and keep costs down, among other things.

In 1993, Nike’s design team came up with one of those shoes that was truly outside of the box. The Air Carnivore was born in a time where there was a short window of opportunity for designers to sneak a crazy and out-there design through the corporate ladder of approvals. I can only imagine the initial reaction from the higher-ups, it probably went something along the lines of “What in the- Just Do It!”

When the Air Carnivore originally released, the shoe was not as popular as some of the other shoes in Nike’s closet of classics, but over time the shoe grew on people, becoming a definite cult classic. Today, the Nike Air Carnivore returns for the first time since 1993 in its original colorway of Light Zen Grey and Oxidized Green accents. The lace-less sneaker is not for everyone, but for some, this day has been a long time coming.

Available now: Nike Air Carnivore

Nike Air Carnivore Retro