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This week, adidas launches their new Recovery compression apparel and accessories to help athletes recover faster and return to their highest level of performance sooner.

To help increase athletes’ muscle recovery process and delay fatigue, the revolutionary adidas Recovery Apparel features compression zones that are strategically placed on core muscle groups to enhance circulation and increase displacement of lactic acid, muscle fatigue’s leading cause.

“Preparation and recovery are two fundamental components of an athlete’s training program that can be the difference maker when it comes to game day,” said Mark Colin-Thome, head of training for adidas America.  “Recovery is essential to helping athletes get back to their peak performance quicker so they can compete at their highest level game after game and season after season.”

Included in adidas Recovery are men’s long and short sleeve tops, men’s long and short tights, arm and calf sleeves and socks. Unique sleeve construction has been applied to the tops, allowing athletes to move freely without the shirt shifting on the athlete’s body. A 3D engineered pattern is used to optimize fit and comfort during 360-degree movements.  adidas Recovery apparel for women will be available in 2012.

Maximum comfort and durability are provided with adidas Recovery due to seams made of a special soft thread that reduces friction during wear. adidas ClimaCool ventilated technology helps keep athletes cool and dry through air vents and moisture management material.

adidas Recovery Compression Apparel is available now at Eastbay.

Available now: adidas Recovery Compression Apparel

adidas Launches TechFit Recovery Apparel

adidas Launches TechFit Recovery Apparel