adidas Basketball & Derrick Rose - 'Basketball is Everything'

words // Brandon Richard

Today, adidas Basketball unveils a new spot called ‘Basketball is Everything,’ capturing the essence of Derrick Rose’s love and dedication to the game of basketball.

Along with family, basketball is the most important thing in the world to Derrick and he’s dedicated to improving his game and bringing a championship to Chicago. Stripping away the fame and notoriety leaves you with what matters most to Derrick — the game.

‘Basketball is Everything’ begins with Derrick training for the upcoming season then cuts to various scenes that portray his life which include, outside of his home, at his birthday party with family and friends including hip-hop artists Common, 2 Chainz and Dom Kennedy, at a music video shoot with rapper Big Sean and at a famous high-end jewelry store with his brother. The commercial comes full circle by showing Derrick training alone in the gym once again, emphasizing that even if you take away all of the aspects of Derrick’s life that he feels so blessed to have, he would still have the one thing that matters to him most, basketball.

The ad was created by 180LA and directed by Stacy Wall.

Check out ‘Basketball is Everything’ below and get ready for the D Rose 4 sneaker launch on October 10.