Torrey Smith

Rookie WR Torrey Smith, who had an impressive career at the University of Maryland, was the 52nd overall pick in the April draft by the Ravens. He’s become quite the weapon for the division-leading Baltimore Ravens. On Sunday, he had six catches for 165 yards and a touchdown in a pivotal 31-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Back on November 6, Smith had the game-winning 26-yard touchdown with 8 seconds remaining in the game against the Ravens’ bitter rival Steelers. Smith has become the deep threat the Ravens have been in search of for years. His first three career catches in the league went for touchdowns of 74, 41 and 18 yards in a blowout win over the Rams on September 25.

Eastbay sat down with Smith in Baltimore shortly after being drafted. We talked to him about being a part of the Under Armour family, his experience with Eastbay, his advice for kids and what has lead to his success.

Eastbay: Talk about your relationship with UA.
Torrey Smith: I’ve had a relationship with Under Armour since I stepped foot on campus at Maryland. Obviously our school is sponsored by them. The owner of Under Armour [Kevin Plank] graduated from Maryland and some of the people that work here graduated from Maryland. So when I left school early and was going into the (draft) process I got in contact with the people at Under Armour. Now they’re like family and they all look out for me. The thing about Under Armour gear is I feel like they’re always trying to be a step ahead. As far as the performance side of things, they’re always trying to go the extra yard and try to put themselves in front of everyone else.

Eastbay: What advice would you give kids?
TS: First thing first, you gotta take care of home. That’s staying out of trouble and doing right in school, because if you’re not doing those things then other opportunities won’t present themselves.

Eastbay: Talk about your experience with Eastbay.
TS: I always got the magazine delivered to my house when I was younger. When I was younger I would look forward to getting the magazine to try to pick out the newest and coolest shoe. Eastbay magazines have been coming to my house as long as I can remember. My big cousins, my mom, everyone was looking at it. It’s something I’ve always been around.

Eastbay: What are you passionate about off the field?

TS: I’m big on community service, giving back. I’ve always been doing that since I was in middle school. Doing various things, doing whatever I could to help out so being that I’m in a position now, there’s a lot more things I can do.

Eastbay: What would you attribute your success to?
TS: I feel like my success has been based on the trials and tribulations I’ve been faced with. As a youngster I have had problems at home just like a lot of other people and I was able to overcome it. I faced a lot of adversity and I’ve always continued to go the right way so I feel like those lessons I learned as a young kid helped me mature early and helped me as a man.

Smith says getting drafted itself was a blessing and he is thankful for the opportunity. He also says he’s happy to be a part of one of the most stable organizations in football. He loves the fans in Maryland and is excited to help the Ravens win.

Photo courtesy of Under Armour