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Hello NFL fans! As you know, last night was the broadcast of the first ever primetime NFL Draft. The event lived up to the hype, as there was no shortage of first round surprises. The Denver Broncos made the biggest headlines by trading three draft picks to jump back into the first round and select Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Right before that pick, the Dallas Cowboys traded up to steal wide receiver Dez Bryant. Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, a projected top 10 pick, is still on the board heading into the second round. Below, I’ve recapped the entire first round of this year’s draft and compared the actual picks to the players I mocked to be selections in those spots. Let’s see how I did.

1. St. Louis Rams
QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. The Rams get their franchise QB. Smart passer with top tier accuracy. The Rams now have an identity moving forward.
My Pick: Sam Bradford

2. Detroit Lions
DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska. Strong, gifted, athletic pass rusher who helps address Detroit’s defensive line problems. Any team who didn’t have pressing QB issues would have taken him first.
My Pick: Ndamukong Suh

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma. Tampa thrilled as this explosive athlete falls to them and helps them fill their greatest position of need. Remember Warren Sapp, anyone?
My Pick: Gerald McCoy

4. Washington Redskins
OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma. Bulky, athletic tackle who fits perfectly into the Reskins’ zone blocking scheme. The Redskins went out and grabbed QB Donovan McNabb, and now they have a little more protection for him.
My Pick: Russell Okung

5. Kansas City Chiefs
S Eric Berry, Tennessee. The Chiefs get their playmaker in the secondary. Berry is an excellent athlete that will surely make Phillip Rivers and Kyle Orton think twice before throwing the ball next season. Some experts say he’s the least risky pick in the entire draft.
My Pick: Bryan Bulaga

6. Seattle Seahawks
OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State. Seattle didn’t expect Okung to fall this far, but they’re thrilled that he did. All around blocker who will take the torch from Walter Jones.
My Pick: Trent Williams

7. Cleveland Browns
CB Joe Haden, Florida.  With Berry off the board, they take the next best option to upgrade their secondary. Tough athlete who will give you 100% on every snap. This gives the team the option to move Sheldon Brown to free safety.
My Pick: Eric Berry

8. Oakland Raiders
ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama. Great interior lineman who makes smart plays. The anti-Al Davis pick. However, some question the pick based on need.
My Pick: Bruce Campbell

9. Buffalo Bills
RB CJ Spiller, Clemson. Versatile, lightning quick back who can flourish in the run and pass. Buffalo needs a playmaker, and now they have one. Where does Marshawn Lynch play next season?
My Pick: Jimmy Clausen

10. Jacksonville Jaguars
DT Tyson Alualu, California. Surprise pick here, but the Jags have liked him all along. Hard working athlete with the intangibles coaches like. Most likely could have moved way back and still grabbed him.
My Pick: Derrick Morgan

11. San Francisco 49ers (from Broncos)
OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers. I had the 9ers taking him at 17, so I nailed that. As stated in the mock, some say he’s the most talented tackle in the draft, but that he lacks maturity. He’s now got a coach that will get him in line.
My Pick: Rolando McClain

12. San Diego Chargers (from Dolphins)
RB Ryan Matthews, Fresno State. Like Davis, I had the Chargers taking Mathews. Only, I had him going to the Chargers at #28. They need a versatile back to replace LaDainian Tomlinson. They feel they have one now.
My Pick: Dan Williams

13. Phiadelphia Eagles (from Broncos via 49ers)
DE Brandon Graham, Michigan. Undersized, but skilled pass rusher who’s productive and will give you a bang for your buck.
My Pick: Joe Haden

14. Seattle Sehawks
S Earl Thomas, Texas. Instinctive safety who can bring some playmaking to Seattle’s secondary. Interesting that head coach Pete Carroll didn’t take his USC guy Taylor Mays.
My Pick: C.J. Spiller

15. New York Giants
DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida. Incredible athlete with a lot of upside. Osi Umenyiora looks like he’s on his way out of New York, so JPP is right on time.
My Pick: Sean Weatherspoon

16. Tennessee Titans
DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech. The Titans were said to have wanted Pierre-Paul here, so they take the next best option. A really solid pro prospect with a quick burst who can fill in at multiple positions.
My Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul

17. San Francisco 49ers
OT Mike Iupati, Idaho. San Francisco passed up on some o-line help early, but find it at #17. Iupati is a versatile tackle who can play inside and outside. Probably San Francisco’s greatest area of need, and they bring in a solid player.
My Pick: Anthony Davis

18. Pittsburgh Steelers
C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida. Ideal size and strength at C. Pouncey gets a good push in the run game, which is trademark Steelers football.
My Pick: Kyle Wilson

19. Atlanta Falcons
OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri. Immediately upgrades the LB position for the Falcons. Solid run stopper and quality tackler.
My Pick: Brandon Graham

20. Houston Texans
CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama. I had Earl Thomas going here, but he’s off the board, and the Texans take another approach to upgrading the secondary. Jackson is a physical corner who tackles well and supports the run.
My Pick: Earl Thomas

21. Cincinnati Bengals
TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma. Excellent pass catching tight end that will give Carson Palmer another weapon. Wide receiver in a tight end body. I debated between Gresham and Dez Bryant with this pick. I was wrong.
My Pick: Dez Bryant

22. Denver Broncos (from Patriots)
WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech. Denver passes up on a still available Dez Bryant to get Thomas. A big, physical target that helps fill the Brandon Marshall void. Has issues running routes and catching the ball.
My Pick: Sergio Kindle

23. Green Bay Packers
OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa. You have to love the value here. Rodgers needs time to throw the ball, and Buglaga will help make that happen. May end up being the steal of the round.
My Pick: Mike Iupati

24. Dallas Cowboys (Patriots via Broncos via Eagles)
WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State. You knew Jerry Jones was going to make a bold move if Dez fell. Dez is a big time playmaker with outstanding size and athleticism. Cowboys fans have to be thrilled.
My Pick: Taylor Mays

25. Denver Broncos (via Ravens)
QB Tim Tebow, Florida. Talk about a shocker. The Broncos paid a steep price to pick up this project. Denver needs a franchise QB, but is gambling on a guy who just started working on improving his throwing motion.
My Pick: Jermaine Gresham

26. Arizona Cardinals
DT Dan Williams, Tennessee. The Cardinals get perhaps the top nose tackle in the draft in a draft where a lot of teams ahead of them needed one as well. Their eyes had to light up when they saw him slipping.
My Pick: Jerry Hughes

27. New England Patriots (from Cowboys)
CB Devin McCourty, Rutgers. Two predictable things happened here. The Patriots traded back to stockpile picks and they picked a guy that most people didn’t see coming. Who doubts the Patriots when they draft, though? McCourty is a great, hard working athlete with excellent instincts.
My Pick: Roger Saffold

28. Miami Dolphins (from Chargers)
DE/DT Jared Odrick, Penn State. Experts have Odrick pegged as a value pick here. Most didn’t feel like he addressed Miami’s immediate needs, but that he was the best player on the board at this point.
My Pick: Ryan Mathews

29. New York Jets
CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State. Somehow, the Jets defense just got younger and better. Rex Ryan nabs a top cornerback prospect late in the first round. Great athlete with tremendous speed and energy.
My Pick: Everson Griffen

30. Detroit Lions (from Vikings)
RB Jahvid Best, California. Speedy athlete who’s projected to be a situational running back. Makes cuts well and prefers to run on the outside. Brings more versatility to a Lions offense that already has explosive players.
My Pick: Devin McCourty

31. Indianapolis Colts
DL Jerry Hughes, Texas Christian. Versatile player who can play inside and outside. The Colts get good value here and fill a need. May use him at DE.
My Pick: Brian Price

32. New Orleans Saints
CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State. Most experts had the Saints pegged to address their pass rush here. So much for being an expert. Robinson is a good pick in this range. He has top 10 talent, but third round consistency.
My Pick: Carlos Dunlap

The math says that I chose only three picks correctly. How did your predictions pan out? Are you happy with what your team did? Sound off below!

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