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The Consumer’s Choice votes are in, and Future Sole has announced the four finalists for its two college design categories!

Amongst a crop of detailed and polished final renderings submitted to both the College Jordan and College Nike categories, it was Neil Zemba, Ian Cobb, Matthew Walters and Christopher Dixon that came out on top in the first year that Future Sole opened up the competition to aspiring designers outside of just high school students.

The College Jordan side saw a battle of computerized renderings from Matthew Walter and Christopher Dixon take on the signature Air Jordan model in classic Bulls colors. Which do you prefer?¬†For the College Nike portion of the contest, both Neil Zemba and Ian Cobb answered the Nike N7 brief with fairly contrasting entries. Cobb opted for a more organic design inspired by a “footprint” theme that included eco-friendly materials, and hints of minimalism and practicality, while Zemba’s Nike Exo rendering was far more stylized, technical and performance driven, with a customizable fit in mind.

Outstanding efforts¬† from all, and it’ll be interesting to see how their rivaling design styles face off during the Future Sole College Nike and College Jordan Finals later this Fall!

College Nike — Neil Zemba

College Nike — Ian Cobb

College Jordan — Matthew Walters

College Jordan — Christopher Dixon