Three drills to improve your quickness on the football field

Line Hops Drill

A great way to increase your foot speed and quickness is to simply find a line on a field, court, or driveway to hop over. The goal of this exercise is to move back-and-forth over the line as fast as possible without letting your feet touch it. You can do this drill moving front to back or side to side, while progressing from two feet to one. Line hops consist of 10 second of work with 30 seconds of recovery between each rep.

Hill Sprints

Acceleration is a key part of the game of football, and an easy skill to work on. One way to boost your acceleration is to run hill sprints. When starting out, you will want to find a gradual incline and work your way up to steeper hills. The goal is to focus on distances between 10-20 yards with each rep lasting around six seconds while resting for 60 seconds in between. Make sure to drive your knee upwards while your opposite arm swings backwards in order to maximize the effect of this drill.

Reactive Start Drill

Reactive Start Drills can be done in a variety of different ways and are an excellent tool to help enhance your quickness when cutting and changing direction. The one constant you need to run this drill is a coach or friend to yell out directional cues. Sharp cuts should be made at the command of this person’s voice. The most common commands used in this drill are “shuffle” (from side-to-side), “backpedal”, and “sprint (towards the person giving commands). These commands should be given quickly and in no set variation in order to improve your reaction time as well.


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Three drills to improve your quickness on the football field

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