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With spring this close, it’s time to start thinking about your setup for the new season. Read on to learn about our featured products and start gearing up.


2018 Mizuno Swift

Mizuno Swift 5: The heavy-hitting Mizuno Swift is back for round 5. This cleat has been a go-to in the fastpitch world and continues getting better and more innovative with each iteration. Made for the serious high-profile competitor, the Swift 5 delivers exceptional traction and comfort. It’s built on a 9-spike platform that flexes where you need enhanced movement but remains sturdy for optimal support. The bottom is even engineered with a texture that repels dirt build-up. While the outsole delivers the performance, the midsole and upper give you comfort for long games and durability to last for many seasons to come.

2018 New Balance Fuse 1

New Balance Fuse1: Get ready — the sleek and powerful New Balance Fuse1 is about to dominate the field this season. This beautifully designed cleat is specifically built for fastpitch performance. It’s flexible and supportive with precise traction for bursts of speed and quick turns. Reinforced rubber around the toe allows the cleat to withstand abuse from the dirt game after game so you can stay aggressive.

2018 Nike Hyperdiamond

Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Pro: The low-profile Nike Hyperdiamond 2 Pro is the perfect cleat for players who prefer the freedom of unrestricted ankle movement for a quick, agile style of play. The Lunarlon midsole spreads out the shock of impact so you feel less cleat pressure and can make better cuts and stops. This powerful and lightweight cleat will push you to the plate with speed you have yet to feel on the diamond.

Pitcher’s Cleat

2018 Mizuno Sweep

Mizuno Sweep 3 Advanced: The Mizuno Sweep 3 Advanced is your ideal platform for executing masterful technique on your pitches. Its reinforced toe protector is enhanced at precise points around the toe box where you drag your back foot. This protects the upper from the grind across the dirt as you drive off the mound.


Fielder’s Gloves

Flip Through By Position

All of the following gloves are specifically crafted to meet the demands of fastpitch. They’re designed around the female hand for ultimate performance.

  • 2018 FP Fielder's Gloves
  • 2018 FP P Glove
    Pitcher - Mizuno Classic 12.5” Fastpitch Glove: Gloves in the Mizuno Classic Series are handcrafted with Throwback Leather and Pocket2 Construction widens out the heel to perfectly fit the bigger ball. A solid, yet lightweight feel makes this glove mobile in the hand so you can snag even the fastest liners hit up the middle. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP C Glove
    Catcher - Rawlings Liberty Advanced 33” Fastpitch Glove: This glove is the superior catcher’s tool for solid grabs and quick transitions. Built with full-grain leather and linked up with a Pro H web, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced was built around the female hand for improved comfort and control. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP 1B Glove
    First Base - Louisville Slugger LXT 13” First Base Mitt: This rugged first base mitt is built for elite high school and college players who need a glove they can rely on to perform to their standards. It’s made with Steerhide Leather that has been double oiled for an extremely soft yet durable feel and features a Dual Post Web that creates the perfect catching platform for the experienced first base player. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP 2B Glove
    Second Base - Mizuno Classic 11.5” Fastpitch Glove: Anyone that plays second base knows that in a tight game, milliseconds are the difference between wins and losses. You need a glove that is light weight with a pocket that makes the transition to your throw as smooth as possible. The Mizuno Classic meets the demands of a second base player who needs quick reactions. It is handcrafted with Throwback Leather and Pocket2 Construction opens up the palm area for easier catches. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP 3B Glove
    Third Base - Wilson A2000 12” Fastpitch Glove: The iconic A2000 glove from Wilson is built with Japanese-tanned Pro Stock Select Leather for a durable glove with outstanding feel. It is intricately crafted to dominate the fastpitch field — the finger divider is set lower in the palm to spread out your fingers, giving you better control of the glove, while the finger stalls are narrowed for an ideal fit, and the glove is slightly softer than the baseball model for female-specific break-in. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP SS Glove
    Shortstop - Rawlings Liberty Advanced White Series 11.75” Fastpitch Glove: As a shortstop, you need a versatile glove that can keep up with the fast-paced demands of your position. This 11.75” fielder’s glove from the Liberty Advanced White Series is built from the ground up around the female hand with full-grain leather. Its lightweight construction gives you the speed to make the game-changing defensive play. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP LF Glove
    Left Field - Louisville Slugger LXT 12.5” Fastpitch Glove: Run down those liners with a soft, durable glove designed for elite players in left field. The Louisville Slugger LXT is made with Steerhide Leather and has a widened palm and longer length for confidently securing the ball while you’re on the run. SHOP NOW
  • 2019 FP CF Glove
    Center Field - Rawlings Liberty Advanced White Series 13” Fastpitch Glove: At center field, you chase down the majority of the big hits. With a position that demands so much attention, you need a glove that’s built to perform. This 13” glove from Rawlings is built for players in the outfield seeking extra length as they outstretch for the ball. Its palm is constructed for fastpitch giving you smooth transitions for getting the ball to the infield as fast as possible. SHOP NOW
  • 2018 FP RF Glove
    Right Field - Wilson A2000 1275 Superskin 12.75 Fastpitch Glove: In the outfield, you need a glove that helps you hunt down balls. Meet the famous Wilson A2000 with Superskin. This glove is built with Wilson’s innovative Superskin technology which is a ridiculously strong and ridiculously light glove material. Superskin is built into the back of hand to keep the glove light while the palm and web are made up of Pro Stock Leather. The glove is large enough to increase your chances of catching a fly ball while the Superskin reduces the bulk of a bigger glove. SHOP NOW


2018 Rawlings Xeno

Louisville Slugger Xeno: This iconic bat, seen in dugouts throughout the country for years, is back this year and better than ever. The fully composite Xeno features an IST connection between the barrel and the handle that allows for a stiffer feel and a solid pop no matter where the ball is hit on the barrel. The bat is topped off with an ultra-light X-Cap endcap that makes for one of the fastest swing speeds on the market. Finally, S1id tech makes this bat hot right out of the wrapper. Available in -8, -9, -10, and -11.

2018 DeMarni CFX Fastpitch

DeMarini CFX: DeMarini has spent a decade researching and updating technology to create a line of perfectly tuned bats that are suited for the entire range of hitting styles from power to slapper. It all lies in the barrel design — Paraflex composite material allows DeMarini the freedom to move the weight to specific points along the barrel, creating beautifully designed bats available in -10, -11, -8, -9, and -10 endloaded. It also comes in a -10 slapper version ideal for players seeking maximum control as they step through the pitch with a swing or bunt.

2018 Easton Ghost

Easton Ghost: More barrel flex means greater distance on your hits and this is the theory Easton used when designing the exclusive Ghost. This bat features a revolutionary double composite barrel. The outer low-compression barrel is more flexible while the inner barrel is stiffer. When the barrels meet, the result is incredibly high rebound and a crisp sound so everyone knows when you send the ball flying. Available in -9 and -10.


Batting Gloves

2018 Under Armour Gloves

Under Armour Motive: When you step up to the batter’s box, you need to be completely focused on the pitch. The Under Armour Motive eliminates distractions by giving you precise contact with the bat. The gloves feature a synthetic leather palm with Armour Grabtack for optimal grip.

2018 Rawlings Gloves

Rawlings Storm: A clean look, subtle colors that pop, and a secure connection to your bat. The goat skin leather palm of the Rawlings Storm batting gloves gives you an enhanced touch and perfect feel so you have ultimate control when delivering a solid hit.

2018 Marucci Gloves

Marucci Pure: The Marucci Pure batting gloves are specifically designed for elite fastpitch players. They give you controlled contact with the bat thanks to the textured synthetic palm. An added foam pad increases palm protection and helps prevent wear in the highest impact area along the heel of the hand.


Must-Have Accessories

2018 Easton Backpack

Easton Prowess Fastpitch Backpack: Need your gear to stay organized? This sleek backpack from Easton hauls everything you need for the dugout in the most efficient way possible. It carries two bats, a batting helmet, a fielding glove, and there’s even a mirror under the top flap for quick, pregame fixes. Its vented bottom compartment keeps your dirty cleats separate from the rest of your gear so things stay fresh and an external hook allows you to hang it on the fence. Bonus: no more scrolling through baseball gear, this Easton Prowess bag  is specifically designed for fastpitch.

2018 Oakley

Oakley Prizm Sunglasses: If you haven’t heard of Prizm technology by Oakley, listen up. These sport lenses are designed specifically for the ball field. Oakley Prizm sunglasses enhance contrast on the diamond and make the ball pop against the blue of the sky. These are more than just sunglasses, they’re a visual experience that amplify the game.

2018 Easton Helmet

Easton Prowess Grip Two-Tone Batting Helmet: Stay smart – protect the dome. This batting helmet features a BioDri fabric liner so you’ll stay dry and a flat bill design increases your visibility when facing those big pitches. It’s also available in a wide range of colors so you can rep your team.

2018 Rip It Guard

Rip-It Defensive Face Guard: Off the ground or in the air, the Rip-It Defensive protects your face from liners coming in hot. This face guard is light weight and won’t obstruct your vision.



2018 Nike Muscle Shirt

Nike Softball Swoosh Muscle Tank: Show off those guns. This sporty tank is soft and comfortable with just the right fit for ease of movement. It’s made with Dri-FIT fabric and represents the game with a Swoosh.

2018 Mizuno Pants

Mizuno Select Belted Low Rise Fastpitch Pants: These functional fastpitch pants are strong and sturdy to meet the demands of a long, grinding season. Performance Plus padding in key areas and a double knee give you the right amount of protection while remaining comfortable.

2018 Under Armour Slider

Under Armour Strike Zone Slider: These sliders from Under Armour deliver Hip and thigh protection for when you slide into the bag or make a diving play in the field. The Strike Zone Slider includes padding just where you need it and a wide, comfortable waistband that won’t pinch and rub.

We know that balancing school and sports is a full-time challenge; for this, our main mission is to help you find what you need and make your season a little easier. If we didn’t highlight what you’re looking for in this post, click here to explore all the fastpitch gear Eastbay has to offer.


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