Sofia Huerta: Striving to Be Her Best

According to Merriam Webster, the word athlete is defined as: a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. But pro soccer player Sofia Huerta knows that being an athlete is about more than just a skillset — it’s about showing the world your best, day in and day out. From fitness goals to being a part of a team to life outside soccer, Sofia is constantly inspired to improve who she is as an athlete, and as a person.

For her, it begins with the body. She pushes through training and adjusts nutrition to better represent who she wants to be.

“I feel like my fitness goals are just being the best version of myself. Putting the right nutrition inside of my body and staying fit. My goals are just to be the fittest version of myself — eat well, train hard, and just improve my endurance as much as I can.”

This mentality is especially important with Sofia being a member of two elite teams; the Chicago Red Stars and the U.S. National Team both play her at a different position so having well-rounded fitness is essential. Throughout her journey as an athlete, Sofia has had to adapt her training. She says that in high school she was a little naïve and didn’t realize how much focus it would truly take to become a professional. As she developed as an athlete, she put in more time, began lifting, and hit the field more than just when the team practiced.

“In my offseason, I’m training on my own. I use a local gym in Chicago and I just find training whether that’s with my Chicago Red Star teammates, national teammates, or playing with the guy’s team. I have to keep up with lifting and running, so I do that a couple hours each day. Then, on top of that, I also want to continue growing as a soccer player, so I work on my technical side. It requires a lot more individually just so I can be ahead of who I’m competing against.”

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And in regards to these competitors, who are vital for pushing an athlete forward, Sofia still remains focused on who she is. “Of course, you’re competing against everyone. But I know my potential. I know what’s going to make me a better soccer player and a better person.”

While Sofia explores self-motivation and inspiration, she also surrounds herself with people who increase her desire to be the best. Her teammates have been role models for many years and now Sofia is able to learn from them firsthand.

“I’ve been watching a lot of the girls on the team since I was little. They’re such confident and empowering women, so to be next to them every day during camp is awesome for me. I look up to them and I learn from them. It makes me want to be a better person, a better player, a better competitor. When you’re surrounded by confident women, it empowers you to be better in every aspect of your life.”

These teammates, strong individuals who are also concentrated on becoming their best selves, help create an environment that inspires success; but the support network goes beyond those players. Through the years, coaches have also played a part in Sofia’s determination to be her best. “You know, they push me, they’re hard on me, they also know how to uplift me and make me feel confident and get the best out of me on the field.”

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Now that Sofia has made it to the top, she slides into the important position of being a role model herself. In this, she still strives to put forth her best. She believes that as an influencer, she must simply continue playing the sport she loves and be a good person.

I just know that I want to impact people and be able to help people. Outside of soccer, again, my goals are just to be the best version of myself and a competitor.
Sofia Huerta

Whether it’s in the gym, on the field or the court, in a game, at school, wherever, we have to prove to ourselves that we are better than we were yesterday. In all aspects of her life, Sofia proves that she is. She allows herself to be inspired, motivated, driven, and hard-working. She shows everyone that she is striving to be the best version of herself possible. She shows everyone what it means to be an athlete.

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