Maya Moore: Champion

You’d have a tough time finding someone more accomplished than Maya Moore. Her extensive resume is highlighted by four titles in seven seasons, five All-Star selections, and an MVP award, already establishing her as one of the best to ever play the game. And she did all of that before the age of 29.


Maya Moore

In addition to dominating on the court, she’s also proven to be incredibly influential off the court as one of the biggest stars in women’s basketball. She became the first female basketball player to sign a deal with the iconic Jordan Brand, where she’s received several successful player’s edition shoes and helped grow the women’s game with events like the Jordan Brand Classic for high school All-Americans.

We asked Maya Moore about winning championships, working with Jordan Brand, and what’s next for the superstar who’s already done it all.

Q: You won your fourth title last season. How does that compare to your previous championships?

A: “This past championship was one of the most challenging and satisfying experiences of my professional career. It’s just really unbelievable to think about four titles in seven years, and the group of people that I’ve been able to do that with. It’s been amazing.”

Q: You’ve won at every level: college, pros, and internationally. What’s your secret?

A: “There’s no question that I wouldn’t be who I am without the amazing teammates and coaches I’ve had. I’m really spoiled to have some of the best of the best to ever play the game or coach the game by my side through so many championship experiences. I’ve been so blessed to have talent and opportunity around me, but I try to make sure that I am as competitive as I can be in every situation. That’s a key ingredient to my success. Trying to compete at everything I can to make sure that I have a competitive advantage when I step onto the court.”

Q: What advice would you give to athletes who look up to you?

A: “First, surround yourself with quality people who understand and are trying to pursue the same things that you are. I had great people when I was a teenager and young adult that had been where I was trying to go and I could learn from them and grow in those years. I’d also say just understand how much work and sacrifice it is going to take to reach your goals and how sweet it is when at the end you can stand knowing you gave everything you had whether you won or lost. Continue to pursue your passion. Make sure you are cultivating that passion for the sport, for your team, for your craft – whatever it may be.”

Q: You’re one of the biggest names in the game now. What’s that been like?

A: “It’s really amazing to think about the platform that I have now as one of the top WNBA players.”

It’s really a privilege and a responsibility to represent our game well no matter where I am. I represent the WNBA whether I am on or off the court.
Maya Moore

“I grew up looking up to WNBA players and it gives me chills to think I’m one of those players now and have the opportunity to represent the league at a really exciting time.”

Q: You’re the first female basketball player to sign with the Jordan Brand. That has to be a pretty cool feeling.

A: “There are challenges that come with being the first of anything, but there’s also the excitement of blazing a new trail. One of the things that I love is the opportunity for people to buy different Jordan products with my logo on them or that were inspired by me. And having the fourth year come up for the girls’ portion of the Jordan Brand Classic for high school All-Americans – it’s been amazing being a part of starting and growing that and helping grow the game of basketball for our generation.”

Q: You had some Jordan PEs come out recently. What’s that process like?

A: “I’m so excited about my most recent Jordan player edition shoes. We have a classic AJ 1 and also a Retro 10 with my accomplishments as part of the shoe and pieces of me, whether it’s my motivational Bible scripture on the back or fuchsia flash, which is my signature color that I love putting in different places on shoes. The 10’s hold a special place in my heart, because they were the first pair of Jordans that I ever had. It’s been really fun and special to be able to collect such a priceless item for me, but for other people to have the chance to buy as well.”

Q: The new AJ XXXII just debuted recently. What do you think about the newest edition to the Jordan line?

A: “I’m amazed every year at the Jordan Brand’s ability to combine classic with new. The XXXII is just another example of old school meets new school. There’s great technology in the shoe, making it perfect to play basketball in, and it also captures that old school greatness and energy of the Jordan Brand.”

Q: You’ve already had so many incredible moments in your career. Can you even pick a favorite?

A: “I’ve had so many unbelievable memories and moments in my career that it’s hard to choose just one championship or buzzer-beater. This last championship is just fresh in my mind, with how hard that final series was, it going back and forth, the highs and lows, and it was the toughest one yet, so this last championship was super special.”

Q: What are three tips you’d give to someone who wants to become a pro?

A: “One, I would say become a student of the game or be an even better student of the game.

I’d say number two is nutrition – being super mindful of what you put into your body so that your body can perform at its highest level, whether that’s pre-workout, during, or post-workout.

Number three would be don’t sleep on the small things. It’s really those little things – whether that’s a little extra stretching or recovering, or the details of a drill that can really make a difference in the long run.”

Q: And lastly, what’s next for Maya Moore?

A: “I’ve chosen to take some time to rest and recover and spend some time with my family and friends this off-season in Atlanta. I’ll continue to train and work on some other projects off the court, so stay tuned because there are some other passions that I’ll be able to dive into this offseason that I think everyone will want to explore.”


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