The Best Volleyball Styles of 2017

The beginning of summer is here, and that means volleyball season is right around the corner. It’s time to put in the work, grind in the gym, and prepare to make this your best season yet. A crucial part of being prepared is making sure you’ve got the right gear.

There are a lot of options out there, so let us break it down for you. Here are the best volleyball shoes of 2017.

Best Volleyball Shoes

Under Armour

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

Highlight Ace

Volleyball shoes primarily come in low-top silhouettes, but Under Armour is shaking things up with the Highlight Ace. The innovative shoe’s high-top style offers extra stability and increased ankle support. If you’re looking for more strength and stability, then a high-top volleyball shoe might be for you.

Block City

Blocks on blocks on blocks. The Under Armour Block City is made for the game’s best net protectors. Charged Cushioning absorbs impact and converts it into responsiveness, so you can add some extra springiness to your game. As a comfortable low top that focuses on quick lateral movements and explosiveness at the net, the Block City is perfect for middle blockers and outside hitters, while also being versatile enough for setters and liberos.

NikeNike Volleyball Shoes


Air Zoom Hyperace

The Nike Air Zoom Hyperace is another versatile volleyball shoe. The shoe offers a supportive fit and feel with a TPU cage that conforms to your foot. A Zoom Air unit offers lightweight cushioning for attacks at the net, while the rubber outsole and traction pattern allow you to quickly react and get to any ball in the back row. Dominate the court with this all-around performer.


Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Wave Lightning Z3

Light up the court with the next generation of Mizuno’s high-flying volleyball shoe. The popular Wave Lightning line continues with the Wave Lightning Z3, which utilizes Mizuno Wave technology, Dynamotion Fit System, and an AIRmesh for a comfortable, breathable, and supportive feel. This shoe is loaded with top tech features to help you dominate the court in lightweight, speedy style.

Wave Bolt 6

The next wave of top-tier volleyball shoes are here, and the Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 is second-to-none. Mizuno Wave technology offers cushioning and stability, so you can play without hesitation. Dura-Shield toe protections provides added safety, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: the game. Eliminate distractions and play in total comfort with the Wave Bolt 6.

The Best Volleyball Gear of 2017

Volleyball Knee Pads

Now that we’ve got shoes down, let’s move onto the other essentials you’ll need for your season. We’re talking about protective gear like knee pads and ankle braces, our top volleyballs, as well as accessories like headbands and backpacks.

Volleyball Ankle Brace

Protective Gear

If you want to have a successful season, you need to make sure you stay on the court! Avoid injuries and play at your highest level with our selection of ankle braces and knee pads. A wide variety of options ensures you’ll find the gear you need to dominate the court all season long.



This one is pretty obvious. You can’t play volleyball without a volleyball. Eastbay has 25+ volleyball styles from different brands, in multiple sizes, and with tons of color options. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a volleyball that fits your needs.

Volleyball Headbands


We don’t want anything to distract you on the court. Even the smallest things can sometimes throw athletes off their game. When you step onto the court, make sure you’re completely prepared. Choose from over 40 headbands to remove distractions and let you focus on the task at hand.

Volleyball Backpacks


Last, but definitely not least, you’ll need a backpack that helps you pack up your shoes, clothes, and other items in convenient style. Whether you’re heading to practice, school, or an away game, a Nike Elite backpack lets you pack up and go – all while repping a classic Nike look. And it’s a great bag for basketball season for those who play both sports.

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The Best Volleyball Styles of 2017

It’s time to put in the work, grind in the gym, and prepare to make this your best volleyball season yet.

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