AAU National Volleyball Championships Told Through Boomerangs

Are you ready? Here comes the best Boomerangs of the AAU Girls’ Junior National Volleyball Championships:

1. First up, we have the pre-game dance rituals, perfect for shaking out those pre-game jitters and warming up those muscles!


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2. The unique pre-serve routine —everyone rocks their own!


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3. Then of course the serve itself…


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4. and one more! BOOM!


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5. We can’t forget about the pass…

6. Next we have the set.


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7. And the powerful, jaw-dropping hits!


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8. Then those hits that sometimes result into a slide across the floor…


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9. But it’s ok because your team always has your back!

10. And you can’t forget about stopping by the Eastbay wall for a fun, team photo.


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