Update: Yeezy Boost 350 Set For February Restock


Get ready, everyone. 2015’s most hyped shoe — the adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 — is getting a restock on Feb. 19 at 7am CT/ 8amET. That means if you missed your chance last time, you’ve got a shot at redemption. Or, you know, if you already have the black pair and need a backup pair, that’s okay too.

This colorway originally dropped in August 2015, and everyone who’s anyone wanted a pair, so they sold out quickly. This time, there’s only one way to find your pair at Eastbay: through our social channels. On the morning of Feb. 19, keep your eyes and thumbs glued to our Twitter account. We’ll tweet out the link you need to find the shoes, and from there it’s first-come, first-served, so make sure you’re ready to check out. Your style game depends on it.

To stay tuned on any and all updates, make sure to follow Eastbay on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



  • Kevin koniarz:

    Please Do It In Store Raffles , It ALLWAYS Gets Over Run By Bots … There’s No Chance Of Getting Them Online Unless You Have A Bot …

  • Adel:

    Can i got an email once it release.

  • footcarts:

    So random drop?

  • Dean:

    Hi is just us or uk as well

  • jerry:

    What time release this on 19th Feb? Thx

  • Casey:

    Do they have size 15…. should i waste my time?

  • brittney navarro:

    Do you have to have a twitter? I don’t an I really want a pair. How much are these?

  • Eastbay:

    I am sorry, but Eastbay only has one retail store location which is in Wausau, Wisconsin. You will want to watch twitter for more on item as link should be sent out morning of 02/19/16 for the item.

  • Cameron thomas:

    What is the Twitter called

  • Eastbay:


  • James grey:

    What time the 19th should we be looking for the link? Around 5am? or 10am pacific time.

  • Monica:

    Will the link apply to US residents only?
    Do I need a twitter account to see the link about the trainers on the 19th?

  • brittney navarro:

    How much are these?

  • Diego:

    Thank you Eastbay! I’m glad someone is doing something online. I live in Colorado and we don’t have any stores selling them here. Closest place to me is Vegas and that’s an 8 hour drive. I tried getting all the colorways that came out last year with no luck. Hopefully I get lucky this time! Looks like i’m calling in sick for work on the 19th haha. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • B:

    How much are they selling for?

  • Mike Jones:

    What’s the chances of me getting them without an BOT

  • Brian:

    What timezone do you guys use?

  • joe smith:

    clean up the sneaker bots so normal people can get a chance. have us enter random numbers and letters. Totally unfair system in place. Naturally the companies don’t care because the bots help their bottom line.

  • jayson:

    raffles are even worse… rather try to hit it online then doing legwork getting raffle ticket thats been rigged by the shop owners, etc..

  • Jonathan a.:

    I hate that you can only buy these shoes if you have bots 😒

  • Eastbay:

    The link will work for those outside the US as well. You would not need a Twitter account in order to view the link as long as you search for our Twitter account.

  • Eastbay:

    Those will retail for $200.

  • boi:

    What time zone will they be released in.

  • Eastbay:

    There is no set time/time zone for this specific release. We’ll tweet out the link you need to find the shoes some time on the morning of February 19th, and from there it’s first-come, first-served.

  • Monica:

    Will at least the link appear after 6am pacific time, like between 6 am and 11:59am?

  • Jarek:

    So if you are tweeting the link, this link will be to purchase them online right?

  • Eastbay:

    Jarek, that is correct.

  • Eastbay:

    Hi Monica. Thank you for asking. As of this message, we ask that you please keep an eye on our twitter page. https://twitter.com/Eastbay/

  • Shen:

    What time will this shoe dropping?

  • Eastbay:

    They will retail for $200.

  • Eastbay:

    They retail for $200. You can find us on Twitter here -> https://twitter.com/eastbay

  • Eastbay:

    You can sign up for our emails here -> http://ebm.e.eastbay.com/r/regf2?a=0&aid=2087424287&n=2

  • Eastbay:

    You can order from Eastbay.com in the United Kingdom. International shipping will apply. You can find more information here -> http://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipInternational/

  • Eastbay:

    We don’t have that information yet.

  • Eastbay:

    We don’t have that information yet.

  • Evan:

    Will there be an in store release?

  • Eastbay:

    We only have one store location in Wausau, Wisconsin. I do not believe they will be getting any. You can call them at 715-261-9218 today between 09:00 A.M.-05:00 P.M.

  • Marisa:

    Are the Yeezys 350 pirate in big kid sizes as well?

  • Kevyn:

    Will signing up for e-mails inform me when they have released?

  • Eastbay:

    We are only expecting men’s sizes, Marisa.

  • Eastbay:

    We may send out a notification, Kevyn, but the best way to keep up to date would be to watch our Twitter feed here for an announcement and a link: https://twitter.com/eastbay

  • Wren:

    Will there be up to size 17

  • Andruw G.:

    how many will be in stock

  • Jarek:

    What time can we be expecting the tweet? Anytime after 12 a.m. ?

  • Noe:

    Are women sizes being released as well and is it true to size?

  • Luke:

    Will you be able to use promo code for 20% over $99 or nah?

  • Mohamad:

    Wow i just checked timeline on Twitter during the release, only AIOBOT.com went through…

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