ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen: Built For Every Mile And Every Style

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen: Built For Every Mile And Every Style

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Story

Whether you’re a serious runner or just in touch with the latest trends, there’s no doubt you’ve rocked a pair of ASICS. The footwear company is well-known for both their cutting-edge performance shoes and their stylish casual sneakers. And now, with their latest model, they’ve taken their expertise from both worlds and combined it into one game-changing shoe. Let’s meet the ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen and break down why it’s perfect for every part of your day.

A Completely New Level Of Cushioning

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Cushioning

ASICS’ signature GEL system has been the gold standard for cushioning and responsiveness in shoes for years now. Yet, somehow, they’ve found a way to create something even better with the all-new HyperGEL. That proven GEL cushioning is mixed in with eTPU for seemingly limitless bounce and springiness while giving your foot the plush comfort it deserves.

Style That Flashes

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Heel

Runners are going to love the reflective heel patch on the HyperGEL Kenzen while running at night – but it’s more than just a safety feature, it’s a style statement, too. A shoe this fresh deserves to shine, and this heel patch is that little touch you need to stand out next to all your friends and family.

A Fit You Won’t Believe

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Upper

Plenty of brands claim that their sneakers offer a ‘sock-like fit’ these days, but thanks to the premium knit materials that make up the HyperGEL Kenzen’s upper, this shoe truly does hug your foot comfortably like your go-to pair of socks. You’ll be getting an unbeatable feel and reduced friction, whether pushing the pace or just lounging around.

Peace In Every Step

ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen Symbols

The ASICS credo is ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ and you’ll be carrying those words with you everywhere thanks to the Japanese Kanji characters stamped on the heel and removable insole of this shoe. The character on the left foot translates to “mind” while the one on the right foot translates to “body.” Words to live by and work toward.


So no matter what you’ll use them for, it’s easy to see that the ASICS HyperGEL Kenzen shoes are up to the task. Make sure to grab your favorite pair on March 20 and get ready to rock it 24/7/365.

Top Track Shoes Of 2018

Top Track Shoes Of 2018

To build a winning track season, you need the right tools. And that starts with choosing the right shoes. Whether you need explosive sprint spikes or powerful throwing shoes, we’ve got you covered with a breakdown of our top choices for every event.


Speed: Sprint

When your race only lasts a few seconds, you need to make every step count — You need to explode out of the blocks and stay light on your feet. That means you need sprint spikes with two important features: aggressive traction and a snug, barely there fit and feel. Our top picks deliver both.


Nike Zoom 400

Track and Field Story 4

When it comes to power, Nike’s unique spike plate really delivers. This cutting-edge design combines strategic areas of flex and rigidity so you get maximum acceleration out of every step. Seven spike receptacles in the forefoot dig into the track and help launch you forward. Flyweave construction in the upper snugly wraps and supports your foot, while the shoe’s integrated tongue eliminates seams for a one-to-one fit that lets you focus on the finish.


Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

Track and Field Story 1

Lightweight and locked down. That’s what you get in the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite. This shoe’s breathable Flymesh upper delivers zoned areas of ventilation, while Dynamic Fit technology wraps the foot and locks you firmly in place over the footbed. That footbed is built on a stiff plate with 8 receptacles that have recently been updated from permanent to removable spikes. The biggest difference between the Zoom 400 and Superfly Elite can be found in Nike’s generative plate design. Each is made with areas of stiffness and flex that are unique to the distances they were built for. So, choose wisely. Your race may depend on it.


Grit: Mid Distance

Mid-distance spikes need to deliver a performance triple threat: speed, cushion, and support around the curve. When it’s time to make your move and break away from the pack, you need a spike that’s going to work as hard as you do.


adidas AdiZero MD

Track and Field Story 2

When you’re running anywhere from 800-1,500m, your feet are going to take a beating. To stay fresh and fast, you need Boost cushioning. It not only protects your feet from the pounding they’ll take, but it also stores the energy you create at impact and returns it to your stride. And more energy = less fatigue and faster times. Five spike receptacles in the forefoot make the most of this energy return by gripping the track and adding power to every toe-off. Most importantly, these spikes feature an asymmetrical plate design that helps provide balance and support as you race through the turn.


Stamina: Distance

In it for the long haul? Then you need an ultra-breathable shoe and a stride that packs a punch. That punch comes from a strong, stable platform and traction you can depend on mile after mile.


Nike Zoom Victory 3

Track and Field Story 3

The Nike Zoom Victory 3 is built to win, with a cool, lightweight mesh upper that uses an anatomical heel design to securely wrap your foot and deliver comfort through your 5K. Increased space in the toebox allows for natural toe splay, leading to stronger takeoffs and faster times. Finally, the Victory features Nike’s generative plate design paired with six spike receptacles for dependable traction and response.


Power: Field

Whether you’re a jumper or a thrower, you need shoes that deliver power. And that power is built from the ground up. To go higher and farther this season, you need shoes that deliver secure lockdown and strategic traction.


adidas AdiZero Discus/Hammer

Track and Field Story 6

Locked and loaded. That’s how you’ll feel when you lace up in the adidas AdiZero Discus/Hammer. The shoe’s synthetic cage upper construction wraps around your foot, and a large hook-and-loop strap crosses over the top, locking you securely in place and creating a strong, stable platform for your throw. On the outsole, a smooth spin patch under the ball of the foot helps you flawlessly execute every time you compete.


adidas adiZero TJ/PV

Track and Field Story 5

Jumping shoes need to combine the stability of throwing shoes and the lightweight speed of racing spikes. The adidas AdiZero TJ/PV does just that, thanks to a hook-and-loop strap that locks your foot in place over the footbed, eliminating wiggle room so you can focus on your approach. Lightweight EVA foam in the midsole delivers just enough cushioning and impact protection — perfect for the triple jump — and a seven-spike outsole plate with Sharkskin traction pattern grips the track and encourages unrivaled acceleration.

The 4 Things You Need To Know About The ASICS GEL-Kayano 24 ‘NYC Marathon’ Shoes

The 4 Things You Need To Know About The ASICS GEL-Kayano 24 ‘NYC Marathon’ Shoes

Inspired by one of the biggest marathons in the world, crafted by one of the most trusted brands in running. On the first Sunday in November, tens of thousands of runners from across the globe gather in the city that never sleeps for the New York City Marathon. And every year, ASICS honors the massive event by creating a special version of their famous Gel-Kayano shoe that pays homage to the race. This year’s shoe is particularly exceptional. We got a chance to chat with ASICS Marketplace Merchandising Manager, Paul Lang, to find out what makes this shoe a must-have during marathon season.

1. Their Design Is Inspired By Famous NYC Cultural Attractions

Gel Kayano Story 3

“Our idea this year was to tell the story of the city across the shoe’s upper. From the Statue of Liberty to dollar pizza slices, we wanted the theme of this shoe to represent the city of New York and all that it stands for.”

2. These Are The Latest In A Long Line Of ASICS ‘NYC Marathon’ Shoes

Gel Kayano Story 2

ASICS has been creating special ‘NYC Marathon’ versions of the Gel-Kayano for years now. Last year, the shoe design was inspired by the stamps a sightseer would collect while traveling, and two years ago, the look was based around the graffiti you would see as you ran around the Big Apple.

3. They Are Built Specifically For The Long-Distance Runner

Gel Kayano 24 Story

“The GEL-Kayano is really our flagship model, so you’re getting the best of the best technology and performance. The 24 has a DuoMax Support System that enhances your stability but also really keeps your foot in the proper position during longer distances.”

4. You Can Expect Big Things For The Future

Gel Kayano 24 Story 1

“We are actually working on next year’s version of the ‘NYC Marathon’ shoe right now. It will be the 25th anniversary of the GEL-Kayano so we are going to do a lot of cool things. The design is inspired by the bright lights of New York and the illumination of the human spirit.”

Make sure to grab your own pair of the special ASICS GEL-Kayano 24 ‘NYC Marathon’ shoes as you start to log those long miles. Eastbay offers them in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

Top Gifts: Wrestling

Top Gifts: Wrestling

Your unique game breaks the mold. And even when you’re not working on your game, you want standout styles that celebrate who you are. You need that perfect combination of comfort and style 24/7, so you can always look good, feel good, and play great.

Eastbay offers thousands of gifts that keep on giving. Whether you’re looking to take your game to the next level or find this season’s hottest styles, Eastbay is here to help. Check out our Top Gifts For Wrestlers below and find exactly what you need this holiday season.

Nike Freek

Wrestling Top Gifts 1

Lightweight and lightning fast, the Freek uses rubberized medial and lateral traction zones to help you strike from every angle.

Nike Inflict 3

Wrestling Top Gifts 2

The full-length, double-lasted midsole in the Nike Inflict 3 is designed to keep your feet low to the mat for supreme control against any opponent.

Asics Aggressor 3

Wrestling Top Gifts 3

This shoe’s DuoSole® outsole features molded teeth that grip the mat, delivering traction you can trust and explosive movement when you attack.


Wrestling Top Gifts 4

Made to match Jordan Burroughs’ fast and aggressive style, the JB Elite III delivers versatile speed and a distraction-free fit for championship-level performances.

Adidas AdiZero Varner 2

Wrestling Top Gifts 5

As dangerous on the mat as their namesake, these shoes use aggressive drive zones to grip the mat and launch you forward, keeping you one step ahead of your opponent.

Adidas Mat Wizard

Wrestling Top Gifts 6

Designed with the help of “Magic Man” David Taylor, the Mat Wizard gives you a snug, sock-like fit and plenty of support so you can always be in attack mode.

Cliff Keen Signature Headgear

Wrestling Top Gifts 7

Prepare for battle with Cliff Keen Signature Headgear which has fully adjustable four-strap construction and a lightweight fit that won’t slow you down.

ASICS Gel II Sleeve

Wrestling Top Gifts 8

A minimal pad with maximum protection, the ASICS Gel II Sleeve offers superior comfort so you can stay focused on your match.

Nike Grappler Elite Wrestling Singlet

Wrestling Top Gifts 9

The comfortable fit of the Nike Grappler Elite Wrestling Singlet features a cooling back and lower-leg panels to help eliminate distractions so you can focus on what matters – winning.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Wrestling Top Gifts 10

Looking for a reliable mouth guard that delivers protection, comfort, and a personalized fit? Look no further. The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard is as good as it gets.   

Candace Hill: A Day In The Life

Candace Hill: A Day In The Life

Every high school athlete knows how difficult it is to find time for class, practice, meets or games, homework, family responsibilities, and friends. For 18-year-old Candace Hill, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For the past two years, Candace has been balancing all these responsibilities plus a professional running career with ASICS.

As a sprinter, Candace is no stranger to high-pressure situations. In fact, she thrives in conditions that demand the best from her, and the proof is in the race results. Candace gave Eastbay a glimpse at her daily schedule and broke down how she stays motivated and focused on her goals.

So, you want to know exactly what it takes to be great? Here it is:

6:45 a.m. Wake Up Call

When you’re trying to be the best in the world — and get to class on time — hitting snooze isn’t an option.

8:00 a.m. School

Candace is currently wrapping up her senior year at Rockdale County High School, where she is enrolled in a magnet program that focuses on high-level coursework in math, science, and technology research.

4:00 p.m. Track Practice

               2 hours on the track

After school, Candace heads straight to practice, where she begins with a dynamic warm-up routine. This warm-up helps prevent injury by elevating Candace’s heart rate and loosening up the muscle groups she’ll use throughout her practice session.