This Year’s Top Wrestling Gear: Shoes, Singlets, and More!

There’s a moment in every wrestling match when you know you’re going to win. When your opponent loses focus for one second, makes one misstep, and suddenly, there’s your opening. You go in for the takedown. You hold for the pin. And the ref raises your arm: victorious!

But how do you get there? How do you become faster, stronger, and smarter than the competition? It takes hard work, passion for the sport, and top wrestling gear. So, check out our top picks for this year’s best wrestling gear and get ready to dominate this season.

Top Wrestling Shoes

As with any sport, shoes are one of the most important pieces of gear so make sure you take your time finding the shoe that’s right for you. (If you’re not sure how they should fit, check out this blog post.) Scroll through our top three picks below to read more on the Nike Hypersweep, the adidas Adizero Varner 2, and the ASICS® JB Elite IV.

  • Image is focused on feet of wrestler as he stands on the mat wearing black and gold Nike Hypersweep wrestling shoes.
    Nike Hypersweep: These shoes feature an upper made from Nike Hyperfuse and large-hole mesh to help regulate the temperature inside the shoe and keep you cool, and the offset laces and Flywire technology provide a secure fit for ultimate stability. Although they’re full sole, they’re made with less rubber than traditional wrestling shoes to provide enhanced flexibility while maintaining traction on the mat.
  • Image is focused on feet of wrestler as he stands on the mat wearing red and white adidas Adizero Varner 2 wrestling shoes.
    adidas Adizero Varner 2: Outperform your opponent with ease in these split-sole wrestling shoes designed to provide flexibility so that you can attack in sudden and swift movements. A grippy rubber outsole provides the ultimate traction no matter which way you move on the mat, and the upper is made from mesh that provides a fitted feel on your feet while remaining cool and allowing air flow.
  • Image is focused on feet of wrestler as he's wrestles his opponent on the mat while wearing gold and black ASICS JB Elite IV wrestling shoes.
    ASICS JB Elite IV: These unisex wrestling shoes are inspired by US wrestling star Jordan Burroughs so that you can quite literally follow in his footsteps. With a split-sole, these shoes allow you take an aggressive stance on offense while remaining flexible throughout the foot. The integrated lace garage keeps your laces secure so that they don’t come undone and trip up your movements causing you to lose points.

Top Wrestling Singlets

Obviously, one of the necessities when it comes to wrestling gear is a singlet to wear during your matches. Here are our top two picks:

Top Wrestling Equipment

Besides shoes and a singlet, there’s not too much else you need. But for your safety while competing, there are a couple other items we recommend.

One recognizable wrestling item (besides a singlet) is headgear, which is required in order to compete. We recommend the Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear (also available for youth). It features adjustable straps, but make sure you get the right age range as it comes in adult and youth. Another unique feature are the cuts in the cups around the ears to provide air flow and allow you to hear clearly.

Another piece of equipment that you may have considered getting is a mouthguard. If you wear braces, you may be required to wear a mouthguard in order to compete. If not you may still want to wear one to protect your teeth, jaw and head during wrestling. Our recommendation is the Nike Pro Hyperflow Mouthguard. It allows you to breathe easy and is moldable so the fit can be personalized to your mouth for a comfortable fit.

The last piece of equipment you may want to invest in before hitting the mat is kneepads. For these you have multiple options depending on length and material, but our top recommendation overall is the ASICS® Super Sleeve Kneepad. Foam padding provides protection and shock-absorption upon impact, and the fabric has perforations to enhance breathability.

And with that, you’ve got all the gear you need to focus, put in the work, and push yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

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This Year’s Top Wrestling Gear: Shoes, Singlets, and More!

To become the best wrestler it starts with making sure you have the best gear. Here's our top picks for wrestling shoes, singlets and other equipment to help you win.

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