Workout Of The Month: Speed Building

This is the first part of our new Workout Of The Month blog series where Eastbay will give you cutting-edge workout tips, sure to take your game to the next level.

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Ask any athlete what they wish they had more of and nine times out of ten the word “speed” comes up.

Whether it comes in the first step, over a distance, or laterally — it’s all valuable. Whatever edge you can get speed wise over your opponent you should take.

This is where we come in to help, thanks to some speed training workouts from our partners at STACK.com.

Stride Length Training Drill: Forward Bounding

This drill is designed to help you improve the distance you cover between strides. Do four sets of 30 yards:

  1. Place two cones 30 yards apart.
  2. Line up at the first cone, and with force stride lengthily for 30 yards.
  3. Focus on extending your back leg out as you alternate steps.
  4. Only contact the ground with the balls of your feet.

Stride Speed Training Drill: Quick Feet To High Knee

Improve the number of strides you take within a given distance with this unique drill. Four sets of 15 yards (five yards of Quick Feet; 10 yards of High Knees):

  1. Place two cones five yards apart from each other, and a third 10 yards from the second cone.
  2. Line up at the cone and begin doing quick feet with small strides, pumping your knees with speed for five yards.
  3. After you reach the second cone move to doing high knees with power for 10 yards.

Acceleration Drill: Med Ball Throw To Sprint

This drill is built to help you increase your speed over a given distance from a stationary starting position. Four sets of 30 yards:

  1. Find a med ball that you can toss over 10 feet.
  2. Starting in a staggered stance, load up with the med ball, and drive forward throwing it in front of you around 10 feet.
  3. While pushing the ball in front of you, begin sprinting.
  4. Sprint 30 yards, passing up the med ball in the process.

Speed Endurance Drill: Interval Sprints

Build up the ability to support a higher speed over a given period of time with this anaerobic interval conditioning drill. Five sets of however many yards are appropriate for your sport (football: 20-40, basketball: 10, baseball: 30):

  1. Lay out two cones at your set distance from each other.
  2. Starting in a staggered stance, sprint to the second cone, and repeat five times with periods of rest in between.

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