Replenish, Rebuild, Rehydrate

Replenish, Rebuild, Rehydrate

By Travelle Gaines

When it comes to getting your body in the best shape possible for your sport, nutrition and hydration is a key component.

Eating protein-packed foods, drinking water throughout the day, and cutting out food and drink high in sugar can help you take the next step.

After training, practice, or a game, your body is left dehydrated, drained of fuel, and broken down. The body is in a stressed state, and the proper blend of nutrients can jumpstart the recovery process to help you come back stronger and healthier. That’s why proper recovery is a key element to efficient athletic performance.


An easy way to keep recovery nutrition as simple as possible is by remembering the three R’s:
replenish (with carbohydrates), rebuild (with protein), and rehydrate (with water).

Each of these critical recovery concepts calls for a different combination of fluids, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and protein — each playing a specific role in the recovery process.


In order to keep your body in top shape it is recommended you try to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water, eat between 40-50 grams of protein as woman or 50-60 grams as a man, and have anywhere from 45-65 percent of your total calories be from carbohydrates every day.

Keep in mind what recovery means however, as in addition to performance benefits it gives you a reduction in soreness, promoting quick adaptations to training, and enhancing muscle repair.


Most of us spend our time training, not competing. The goal of recovery is to replace your fuel while rebuilding your muscle. So, in regard to recovery nutrition, a small amount of protein in addition to carbs may enhance the body’s adaptation to long-term training.

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Replenish, Rebuild, Rehydrate

Replenish, Rebuild, Rehydrate

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