A Look At Jordan’s Latest: The Trainer 2 Flyknit

Trainer 2 Flyknit

After five years on the market in a number of different shoe models, Nike’s patented Flyknit technology has now made it to the gym with the release of the new Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit.

This shoe, inspired by the Jordan Breakfast Club, a training regimen created by Michael Jordan in order to overcome the “Bad Boys” Detroit teams early in his career, has a Flyknit upper that is extremely lightweight, formfitting, breathable, seamless, and different than anything athletes have seen before in a trainer.

This material is strengthened through the engineering process to enhance the stability and durability of the footwear to be able to withstand any workout. The lightweight, flexible structure also gives you dynamic support and comfort.

To add to the great fit the Flyknit material gives you, this trainer also locks-down your foot for lifting with a mid-foot strap, and gives added comfort with Nike Zoom Air cushioning.


  • Trainer 2 Flyknit
  • Trainer 2 Flyknit
  • Trainer 2 Flyknit

Prior to the shoe’s release, a number of Jordan athletes were given the opportunity to try it out during the Pylon 7-on-7 National Championships, which was put on by Jordan in Frisco, Texas. These athletes had nothing but good things to say about the feel of the new trainer.

“This is probably my favorite (training shoe) so far,” said Jamal Adams, New York safety and this year’s number six overall pick. “It’s definitely a comfortable shoe that you can train, lift, and run in.”

Along with Adams, Cleveland quarterback DeShone Kizer also raved about the new technology in the Trainer 2 Flyknit.

“You have to take full advantage of the technology out there for you,” he said. “Being in the generation I’m in, the game has changed big time. There’s a lot more we know now through statistics and technologies that allow us to play at a higher level. If you’re not maximizing those, then you’re two steps behind.”

As you look for your next workout shoe, be sure to check out the new Jordan Trainer 2 Flyknit at eastbay.com.

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