Beau Allen: A Multi-Sport Mindset

Every year around the country the number of youth travel teams for sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball, and soccer is sky-rocketing, according to USAFootball.com.

Parents are spending top dollar for their kids to play in tournaments year-round in a single sport, rather than having them in multiple sports during their respective seasons.

In response to these dedicated travel teams popping up around the country, youth participation in recreational sports continues to drop every year because the kids are traveling around the country playing one sport in elite tournaments to get exposure.

Although many parents and coaches try to get their kids to focus on just one sport, many still push their kids to be multi-sport athletes because of these positives:

  • All athletic movements transfer from sport to sport.
  • Athletes learn how to compete in different sports.
  • Playing different sports builds your overall sports intelligence.
  • Different sports work different muscles, preventing young athletes from burnout or injury.

Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman, and this month’s Eastbay cover athlete, Beau Allen grew up playing a number of different sports and continues to share the importance of being a multi-sport athlete today.

Beau Allen

Growing up, Allen competed in football, hockey, lacrosse and track, and also said he played in rec basketball leagues and would water ski and wakeboard often. Although football was his calling when it came time to choose a college, Allen said each sport played a role in making him the complete athlete he is today.

“I just feel like you just have to do as many things as possible — I really do, you just work different muscles. Playing all sorts of sports really helped me hone my athleticism so to speak.”
Beau Allen

Allen has made it a point to educate young athletes today about the importance of playing multiple sports and uses himself as an example to show these kids the benefits.

“I can’t say enough about it, whenever I talk to high school kids, kids in middle school or youth sports or whatever I just try and tell them to play as many sports as possible. I have a really competitive family and we’ve played a lot of sports so even to this day we get really into yard games and things like that, I just think it’s fun to play so many sports.”
Beau Allen

Although playing four sports growing up helped mold Allen into the explosive pro athlete that he is today, it may also have played a role in keeping him on the field rather than the sidelines.

Allen never missed a game in college as a Wisconsin Badger, and has contributed as a part of the Eagles’ defensive line rotation in every single game during his three-year NFL career. He attributes his lifting throughout the year and ability to keep his body in shape as the main reasons for his good health in the NFL.

“I’m really proud of the fact I’ve never missed a game in high school, college, or the NFL. I think that if you stay on top of your body and you lift hard throughout the season your body is going to appreciate it so much more at the end of the road.”
Beau Allen

So take it from the pro himself, being a multi-sport athlete while growing up can help shape your future — not to mention it is a fun alternative to strict offseason training. So take this into consideration when it’s time to sign up for another sport, and remember: no matter the sport, size, or style, Eastbay.com has the athletic gear you need to dominate every season.


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    Thank you so much for this, I play MANY different sports. All my friends seem to make fun of me for never choosing one sport to play. I am 13 years old and I have meet a majority of my close friends through sports!!!

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