This Year’s Best Soccer Gear: A position-by-position breakdown

Soccer players, here you are: a quick read-up on some of the hottest gear in the game. From cleats to apparel to equipment, we’ll hook you up with your favorite brands. Here are some of our top performers on the pitch:


For The Forwards

Nike Mercurial Soccer Gear

Some of the most elite strikers in the world, like Neymar and Ronaldo, put their trust in Nike Mercurial cleats. Two decades is ample time to master any skill, and with the Mercurial series, Nike has mastered soccer cleat design. These cleats embody precise traction and high-speed control ideal for players who live and breathe attacking the net.

adidas X Soccer Gear

For all of you adidas traditionalists, listen up. If your game depends on explosive quickness, rapid acceleration, and powerful striking, then the adidas X is your cleat. The X is built on a lightweight yet stable platform that suits the fastest players on the field. Worn by professionals around the globe, these highly sought-after cleats will take your speed to a new level.


For The Midfielders

adidas Nemeziz Soccer Gear

One of the most unique-feeling cleats in the game happens to be built for one of the most unique playmakers to ever exist in football: Lionel Messi. The adidas Nemeziz securely wraps your foot in a Torsion Tape upper. This creates a bandage-like effect that provides an incredibly close connection with the ball for controlled, creative footwork.

Nike Hypervenom Soccer Gear

Nike has its own answer to your midfield needs – the Hypervenom. This lethal cleat is built from the ground up to maximize agility. Hexagonal studs freckle the inner edge of the platform to provide traction when you rotate or pivot. Along the outside, inverted-v studs ensure that you’ll cut across your lateral movements as quick as possible.


For The Defenders

Predator cleats from adidas have always been about breaking the mold, and the newest Predator is no different. It’s built on a Controlframe outsole that allows for quick acceleration to cut off the angle yet remains stable enough for stops and direction changes. It also features a Primeknit upper enhanced with Controlskin which adapts to the movements of the foot for a close, personal connection with the ball.

Nike Magista Soccer Gear

You may be far away from the opposing team’s goal, but getting the ball to the back of the net begins with your ability to take control of the play. The Nike Magista cleats are designed with a versatile stud layout that maximizes your footing as you track down an attacker. When you steal the ball, the Magista’s raised-bump texture on the upper gives you the feel you need for an accurate touch and a precise pass.


For The Goalies

Nike Tiempo Soccer Gear

Some of the most explosive and dramatic movements on the pitch highlight the keeper. The Nike Tiempo is built on a Hyperstability platform that enhances your dynamic lunges and dives. It features an upper that gives you the precise, one-of-a-kind control and touch only felt from kangaroo leather. This leather, exclusive to Tiempo cleats in the Nike line, is constructed with ridges to provide accurate contact with the ball as you send it down field.

adidas Cope Soccer Gear

Comfort in the box is essential to your concentration. adidas Copa cleats deliver the soft, unique feel you only get from kangaroo leather. Integrated into the kangaroo leather is an X-Ray vamp cage designed to increase control on the ball. The upper is built onto a stable and explosive SPRINTFRAME platform which optimizes movements inside the box.


Other Essentials

Nike Academy Soccer Gear

You cover miles and miles on your feet during games and training sessions; but you aren’t just running, you’re in constant flux with the motions of the game. The Nike Academy apparel line offers clothing that is crafted to move dynamically with your body so you feel free and unrestricted on the pitch.

Storelli Soccer Gear

Storelli protective gear covers you in lightweight, anatomically formed padded apparel that keeps you protected during play. All of Storelli’s gear is non-bulky and intricately designed to allow a full range of motion and freedom as you play.

Shin Guards Soccer Gear

Shin guards need to be protective so you stay safe, but they also need to be light and sleek enough that your play isn’t limited. The Nike Mercurial Lite and adidas Ghost Pro guards give you the exact protection you need with less bulk and no unnecessary features. The Mercurial Lite features channels in the foam that help evaporate moisture, while the Ghost Pro is designed with breaks in the foam to allow air flow.

The ultimate experience in stabilization and controlled flight — the Nike Ordem soccer ball. Geometric precision evenly distributes pressure for enhanced control as you dribble, pass, or shoot. In addition, Nike Aerowtrac grooves allow a precise and accurate path of motion every time you strike the ball.

Check this out – the adidas World Cup Official 2018 Match Ball. This innovative ball has a ridiculously accurate trajectory designed for the most advanced players in the world. Its inspiring graphics represent Russia’s urban landscapes and the pixilation pays tribute to the iconic black and white Telstar ball.



Turf Soccer Gear

While we didn’t go into detail, turf-specific shoes are becoming more and more relevant in today’s game. The cleats featured above, except for the Predator, are all available in turf versions. They feature uppers that deliver maximum control of the ball and outsoles that have been designed to allow traction and explosiveness on turf.


We hope this helped ease your decision-making when selecting new gear for the upcoming season. If we didn’t highlight what you’re looking for in this post, be sure to check out all the soccer gear Eastbay has to offer here. Now lace up and go train.

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