Fútbol Meets Fashion: Soccer turns to Streetwear

“Look good. Feel good. Play good.” The classic quote coined by the Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has never been so relevant. Back then, it was exemplified by Sanders’ swaggering style. His ability to rock a windbreaker zipped just far enough down to show off the dangling gold chains. The shades that cost as much as your average compact car. The head-to-toe Nike fits with the designer bag to match.  

That style may never be replicated, but today, the new generation of athletes are carrying on Sanders’ legacy with a modern twist. Basketball players test the boundaries of what’s hot and what’s not with extravagant pre-game outfits, football players wear customized cleats during warm-ups, and even baseball players have utilized partnerships with brands like Jordan to bring retro silhouettes to the diamond.

But no other sport has embraced high-end fashion and culturally relevant streetwear like soccer, especially European clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain. PSG has become the poster child for this fashion movement, mostly because of their willingness to take risks, and because of the ability to do so with the financial backing of their Qatari Sports Ownership group.

They’ve collaborated on hoodies with BAPE, made denim jackets with Levi’s, and launched collections with multiple Parisian designers. They’ve opened specialty shops in Tokyo and released limited edition products at small bookstores in New York City. All in hope of being recognized as not just a popular Football Club, but a lifestyle brand.  

However, PSG’s most influential and accepted creative collaboration came in 2018, when they sparked a partnership with the Jordan Brand. This marked the first time that Jumpman had worked with a soccer team, and it quickly became a match made in heaven.

The PSG x Jordan collab represented a dive into hip-hop, fashion, and celebrity culture – an aesthetic both parties want to embody going forward. The products they’ve rolled out so far have come with glowing reviews. From Instagram influencers to old school soccer supporters, the brands have struck a perfect balance between keeping some traditional kit elements while also putting a streetwear-inspired twist on their new drops.

With PSG and Jordan laying the framework for a successful partnership, the sporting and fashion world will become more intertwined with each other going forward. So, whether you’re a lifelong sports fan or just an avid reader of the reddit streetwear thread, be on the lookout for more of these exciting collabs to form in the near future.

Thankfully for now, you don’t need to travel all the way to Japan or wait outside a niche bookstore in the Big Apple for hours to cop some of the newest Jordan x PSG apparel. You can get it right here at eastbay.com.


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