Myles Garrett: A Workout Warrior

Myles Garrett

To understand why Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett is destined for greatness in the pros, you first have to grasp just how hard he has worked at his craft.


“Going back to high school, I always stayed a few hours later than everyone else. A coach of mine, Coach Gonzo, would stay late with me and we’d flip tires, do some overhead presses, and really just attack my workouts. That’s where I really got the work ethic to go the extra mile.”
Myles Garrett
Defensive End - Cleveland

That ‘never quit’ drive stuck with him even as the workouts changed and the competition got elevated.

“When I was younger, so much of my workouts were about getting my numbers up. How strong could I get? Could I lift 300, 400 pounds? How fast could I run? There was so much room to grow,” Myles said. “Now, in the pros, it’s all about technique — making sure you do every little thing the right way.”

Myles Garrett Train 3

Another change is just how jam-packed his schedule has become. “During a typical day this summer, I’ve woken up around 6:30 and gone into treatment. Then, it’s time for team and positional meetings. After that, we go to practice or walk-throughs. This is all before lunch. After eating, we lift as a rookie group and then have orientation. We usually aren’t done until 6:00, 6:30 p.m.”

Talk about a full course load! Yet the 21-year-old still finds time to go above and beyond. Myles said, “I make sure to get a lot of sleep, but I also want to master everything I can, so I come in early in the morning and work out by myself. Sometimes my teammates will come in and we’ll do a lot of one-on-one drills, really pushing each other.”

So let’s get to the details — what specifically is he doing when he trains to take his game to the next level? Obviously, for a gym rat like himself there could be a million answers, but he has honed in on five workouts that have helped him the most: barbell rows, landmine presses, med ball slams, rope work, and resistance drills.

Myles Garrett Train 1

  • Barbell rows: “Barbell rows really help when I first get off the line and need to extend my arms. I know I’m going to attack the lineman and need to shed him quickly, so that’s where the rows pay off,” Myles said.
  • Landmine presses: “When I bull rush, I’m going to try to push that lineman out of my gap and get behind him. That’s where the landmine presses come into play.”
  • Med ball slams: “As for the med ball slams, that’s all about getting stability in your core. The core is where everything comes from. If you get tired there, your body kind of just breaks down.”
  • Rope work: “The rope work feels like conditioning for your arms,” Myles said. “You’ve got to make sure they don’t get worn down over the course of the game, and one of my main moves is the long-arm rush, so I’ve got to be able to hold up.”
  • Resistance drills: “Finally, the band resistance is all about me driving. When I get locked on with a guy in goal line or short-yardage situations, I need to be able to get that push backwards when he’s resisting me.”

With those intensive workouts and his unrivaled work ethic, Myles is set for a big year in 2017 and is on the fast track to live up to his No. 1 draft pick status. So how many sacks will he get in year one? Let us know what you think in the comments and find out what Myles is like off the field here.


  • Curtis:

    Hey man keep on pushing something will give sooner or later

  • Ray:

    You are a great inspiration for kids. Keep doing what you doing in life and football because for you the sky is the limit!!! Get 15 sacks this year and show Cleveland who you are!!!!!

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