Marcus Peters: At Home On The Gridiron

It all started in Oakland.
Marcus Peters

Marcus Peters’ hometown will always hold a special place in his heart. It’s where he grew up, where he formed his tight-knit bond with his family, and where he started to love the game of football.

“My whole family is from there,” Marcus explained. “We lived in the West Oakland area and all went to McClymonds High School. That area has a really rich tradition for us.”

Part of that rich tradition transitioned onto the gridiron, a sport that has been a family affair in the Peters household for decade.

Football has always been part of my life. My dad played high school ball and then some junior college ball. Once he got older, he started coaching at my high school and is still there to this day.
Marcus Peters

As you can imagine, having a dad as a coach came with its pitfalls. “He was on me twice as hard as he was the other players,” Marcus said. “If I got yelled at in practice, I’d have to go home and continue hearing about it! But at the same time, it gave me that extra drive I needed to never cheat myself. The high expectations and extra steps I take today? That’s because of him. He made sure that I had to work for everything.”

Those high expectations meant taking on another high school sport in addition to football.

I ran track as well. A big reason why was just staying in shape for football and getting ready to transition from high school to college. But it was a great way to bring out my competitiveness.
Marcus Peters

It’s been a long journey since those high school years, but now, as a two-time Pro Bowl corner playing at the highest level possible, you would think that his family would give him a break. Nope.

“When I go back home, it’s the worst!” Marcus said. “My family criticizes me so much and it’s nonstop. ‘Why’d you get beat on this play? Why did you miss this tackle?’ They aren’t putting me down, but they make sure that I stay on top of my game.”

For us, it’s football AND family. They go hand in hand.
Marcus Peters
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