The Story Behind Each Curry 3 Colorway

Under Armour debuted the Curry 3 over a month ago and has been releasing one new colorway of the shoe each week. You may know what the first few colorways look like, but you probably don’t know the story or inspiration behind them. So let’s dive in.


Curry 3 ‘Dub Nation Heritage’ – Released on Oct. 27

Curry 3

Fittingly, the first Curry 3 colorway represented Stephen Curry’s Bay Area squad with a team-inspired royal and gold look. The ‘Dub Nation’ colorway pays homage to the team’s history, because the honor of playing for his team and his city is not something the MVP takes for granted.

Curry 3 ‘SC Camo’ – Released on Nov. 5

Curry 3

Stephen Curry always has a plan. He’s unpredictable on the court and impossible to game plan against. His quick-trigger shooting and lightning-fast ballhandling allow him to strike at a moment’s notice. His unexpected style of play is what makes him so dangerous. You can see him, but you can’t guard him. The ‘SC Camo’ colorway, which is black with yellow accents, embodies that mentality.

Curry 3 ‘Grey Matter’ – Released on Nov. 12

Under Armour Curry 3

It takes more than talent to become a two-time MVP. Curry certainly has the “It” factor, the clutch gene, or whatever you want to call it. In this case, Under Armour calls it ‘Grey Matter.’ It’s a fitting nickname, as the shoe is outfitted in an all-grey color scheme.

Curry 3 ‘Dub Nation Home’ – Released on Nov. 19

Curry 3

While the first ‘Dub Nation’ pays homage to the team’s heritage, the second is inspired by the dedicated fans that make the team so special. Curry feeds off the crowd’s energy and is always amped up when playing in front of the hometown fans. Like the first ‘Dub Nation,’ this one also comes in team colors, but is mostly white with royal and gold accents.

Curry 3 ‘Trifecta Black’ – Released on Nov. 25

Curry 3

An all-black colorway makes plenty of sense, because Curry is unstoppable from behind the 3-point line. The sharpshooter is already one of the most prolific long-range shooters of all time, so a colorway that emphasizes his ridiculous abilities is a fitting choice.


Curry 3 ‘TCC’ – Releases on Dec. 10

TCC stands for trust, care, and commitment. That’s what Curry’s college team lived by, and it’s something Curry has continued to believe in as a pro. It’s not about stats or individual accolades. For Curry, it’s all about the team. The shoe features a red color scheme that’s a nod to his college team’s colors.

Curry 3 ‘Aqua Camo’ – Releases on Dec. 17

Curry 3

The ‘Aqua Camo’ colorway takes inspiration from Curry’s ability to adapt, react, and shape the flow of every game. The back-to-back MVP has proved his ability to adjust to the flow of a game, as well as his ability to completely take over a game. The shoe is accented with an aqua blue color.

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