Q&A With KickGenius

Eastbay: How did KickGenius get started?

Tre: I did sneaker reviews on YouTube. I started early. I was reviewing albums and sneakers on the same YouTube channel. And then I met Jay in college and we always hooped together. So we kind of came up with this idea to talk about sneakers in a different way. So we brought performance to the forefront of what we talked about during reviews. We wanted to do a different format than what we saw on YouTube so we started implementing more basketball and drills and stuff like that. It kind of took off from there.

Eastbay: How’d you first get interested in sneakers?

Tre: I really got into sneakers in like sixth grade. My parents would buy me Jordans here and there, but I really took a personal interest from there.

Jay: Probably eighth grade for me. Eighth and ninth grade is when I knew I wanted to start collecting. I was still in a kids’ size for a long time, but once I hit like ninth grade I started wearing a men’s size. So then I started collecting sneakers. I was big into the Air Force 1s and then it expanded from there to everything else.

Eastbay: What’s your all-time favorite shoe?

Jay: I don’t know. The ‘For The Love Of The Game’ Retro 9 is up there for me for sure. It’s probably one of my favorite shoes.

Tre: That’s really hard. I know if I only got to rock one shoe, it would probably be the ‘Black Cement’ Retro 3.

Eastbay: You guys are big into performance basketball shoes. What do you think about Paul George and James Harden both getting their own signature performance shoes this past year?

Jay: I think the Harden can be rocked a little more casually than the PG 1, but I do think the overall performance of the PG 1 as a basketball shoe is better in my opinion. I like what adidas has been doing, because I feel like they are trying to capture the balance between rocking shoes off the court and on the court. I saw somebody in the Hardens the other day and they looked pretty good casually. But with the PG 1, the performance is there for sure.

Eastbay: Do you have a favorite signature shoe to play in right now?

Jay: Either the PG 1 or the Kyrie 3 would be my favorite to hoop in right now.

Tre: I still hoop in the Jordan XX9. I haven’t hooped in anything else for like two years, so I stick with that.

Eastbay: adidas is really hot casually and growing in basketball. What do you think of adidas right now?

Jay: We rock Ultra Boosts all the time and I hoop in a lot of the adidas performance sneakers. I think adidas is doing a really good job. I think the brand was underrated for a long time, but now with them implementing Boost technology in a lot of shoes, they’re on the come up for sure. The Crazy Explosive Mid is one of the best hooping shoes I’ve played in in a long time, so that’s cool.

Eastbay: Yeezys are huge. Jay, you’re wearing a pair right now. What do you think about Yeezy and all the hype surrounding those shoes?

Jay: The 350 is real nice. I do think it is really comfortable. I hate saying that, because it sounds so cliché, but it really is a good shoe — but of course it is also a really hyped shoe so then it just sounds like I am trying to hype it more. It really is comfortable, though. I like the shoe a lot.

Eastbay: Can you give us a little teaser for any upcoming KickGenius videos or projects we should be on the lookout for?

Jay: Of course we got plenty of performance tests coming. We want to do something really big for the PG 1s so definitely stay tuned for that. That will probably be the most anticipated video right now.

Tre: Unless you hoop in them Yeezys.

Jay: Yeah, unless I hoop in the Yeezys.

Tre: That’s a possibility. We may bring the Yeezys to the performance court. Stay tuned.

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