Introducing Crossover Culture: A New Name For Today’s Game

Crossover Culture 2

The game has changed. The sneakers should too. That’s the idea behind Crossover Culture, the newest brand in basketball.

Positions don’t matter anymore. Big guys run the court and shoot threes. Small guys rock the rim. And most importantly, everybody can handle the rock. Versatility is the biggest factor in today’s game, so Crossover Culture created a shoe line that reflects that changing idea. These shoes aren’t made specifically for point guards and power forwards. They’re made with a different philosophy, one that focuses on fit and feel to deliver comfort and confidence during every aspect of the game.

“This is a game where there are no positions,” said Ryan Duke, Founder of Crossover Culture. “Everybody’s got to shoot, everybody’s got to handle the ball, everybody is a playmaker. We saw that most of the other product out there is built around certain functionalities, so we built shoes that meet the needs of the guy who is really doing everything on the court.”

Crossover Culture is a team of hoopers that started making basketball shoes because they wanted something different. Basketball has changed a lot since the mid-90s, but that change hasn’t always been reflected in basketball footwear.

“You used to have big guys and power guys and speed guys,” Duke said. “That’s disappeared. Now, everybody is a playmaker. We feel like our product reflects this game. This is a new form of basketball from a creative and artistic perspective.”

What’s that look like?

“Our design centers around fit, materials, and cushioning,” Duke said. “Our sneakers are built for a more supportive fit and a lightweight second-skin feel. That’s what makes you comfortable on the court, no matter what your style of play is.”

Let’s break down the tech.

  • Crossover Culture 6
    Materials: Crossover Culture uses premium materials to provide structure and support while also zone-engineering key elements like stability and breathability where you need them the most. This means the shoes don’t need a lot of overlays and support structures added on, giving you a lightweight feel that still provides plenty of protection and support.
  • Crossover Culture 5
    Cushioning: A zero-compression set compound doesn’t break down over time like traditional foams, giving you the same resilient cushioning from Day 1 to Day 101. The proprietary cushioning is optimized for impact protection and stability control, so you’re always comfortable and ready to roll on the court.
  • Crossover Culture 4
    Stability: A wishbone suspension system offers dual-direction stability without restricting flex zones, striking the perfect balance between cushioned comfort and speed on the court. This keeps you comfortable and in control even at high speeds. A molded external midsole heel counter increases lightweight stability at the point of impact, minimizing injury risk without weighting you down.

Crossover Culture will also have casual shoes and an apparel line for off-court use. Basketball never stops, so why should you?

“Ball is life, right?” Duke said. “The game extends everywhere, so we didn’t want to just put out stuff that was only for the court. Our lifestyle product is part of the package. It’s all about living the game of basketball.”

Check out Nightwing2303’s breakdown of the new kicks.

Crossover Culture products are available now. As always, stay locked to Eastbay’s social channels and the Eastbay Blog for more information.


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  • Levi:

    Straight 🔥 #nightwing2303

  • Peter:

    Will these be available in canada

  • Jake Zipperer:

    Hi Peter!

    You can get these shoes in Canada. They will be released on February 10 at eastbay.com. To learn more about our shipping info to Canada, click here: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipCanadaOnly/


  • Odira Orah:

    Loving the look of these shoes, and they also seem like they’ll perform on the same level as Hyperdunks and Crazy Explosives (2 team shoes that are as good as signature shoes). Will these be available in the UK??

  • Jake Zipperer:


    These shoes can be ordered on eastbay.com and shipped to the UK. They will be released on February 10. To learn more about our shipping info, click here: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipIntlCharges/


  • Gelo Salantes:

    Loving the designs 😍 Do you ship to the Philippines?

  • Jake Zipperer:

    Hey Gelo!

    Here is our international shipping info: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipIntlCharges/

  • Trent Phillips:

    These are actual fire. Much better than most of the sneakers coming out of Nike and Adidas and the other high-end brands out there. Good to see smaller and up-and-coming brands giving us good stuff 🔥🔥

  • John21:

    Will this be available in Dubai?

  • Jake Zipperer:

    Hey John!

    Here is our international shipping info: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipIntlCharges/

  • Myke Mynah:

    I am looking at them on Eastbay right now. I will probably pick up a pair.

  • Balo:

    Will these be able in Italy, if yes when i wish To try them soon

  • Romeo Samson:

    Are these available overseas? I’m from Philippines.

  • Jake Zipperer:

    Hello Romeo!

    Here is our international shipping information: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipIntlCharges/

  • Jake Zipperer:


    Here is our international shipping info: https://www.eastbay.com/customerserv/help:shipIntlCharges/

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