Best Basketball Shoe Colorways: A Power Ranking

The best basketball shoes are the ones that deliver a high level of performance and also have a range of interesting, flashy colorways. What’s even the point of having the best performing shoes if they are boring to look at? For your convenience we have assembled a power ranking of the dopest colorways Eastbay has to offer. 

10. Crossover Culture Kayo LP2

Crossover Culture Miami Vice Colorway

To kick off our list we have the Crossover Culture Kayo LP2 “Miami Vice” colorway. The heavy use of teal was the right call, and I like the shade of pink they chose. It’s calmer, which complements the teal better. The orange is a headscratcher here. Sticking with teal and pink would have kept shoe simpler and allowed those two colors to really shine. Another plus is the unique texture of the shoe which gives the colors a little bit of movement.

9. Kobe AD

Kobe AD Carolina Blue Colorway

Carolina blue is one of the best colors to ever exist. That’s why the Kobe AD gets a spot on this list. The full-hearted embrace of powder blue is absolutely fantastic. Eastbay has tons of Kobe ADs in singular colorways that are perfect for high school basketball.

8. adidas N3XT L3V3L

adidas N3XT L3V3L Captain America Shoe Colorway

Was it a good idea for Captain America to ditch all his friends by staying in the past to be with Peggy? That is probably an unanswerable question but there isn’t a doubt that the “Captain America” colorway is the best the adidas N3XT L3V3L has. It’s a fairly simple red, white, and blue color scheme (Merica!!!) that works in most situations. Here though the blue is a little bit too dark. It’s bordering on navy and throws the color scheme off. However, the best part of this shoe comes on the outsole where the two shoes combine to form Cap’s shield.

7. adidas D.O.N Issue #1

adidas D.O.N. Issue 1 Spiderman Colorway

For his first signature shoe Donovan Mitchell knocked it out of the park. Playing off his nickname he went with a “Spiderman” colorway. Opting for a clean break between the colors really paid off as it really looks like you’re putting on a super suit. Some fantastic details that really tie the shoe together are the tag reading “Issue 01” and Mitchell’s logo.

6. Nike PG 3

Nike PG 3 Mamba Mentality Colrway

Paul George grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant and he honors him here with the “Mamba Mentality” colorway. It resembles a Picasso painting in a lot of ways, with a heavy use of geometric shapes coming together in a cohesive manner. The mix of yellow, gray, black, and bronze is interesting and ultimately ends up working. There is enough yellow to brighten up the shoe, but it isn’t overpowering. There are storytelling elements such as his hometown zip code on the front of the shoe which is a nice touch.

5. Under Armour Curry 6

Under Armour Curry 6 International Boulevard Colorway

Stephen Curry made waves when he signed with Under Armour and both parties have been rewarded with one of the best-selling shoes on the market. The Curry 6 colorways are simple and clean, but the one that stands out is the “Thunder” model. The shoe’s primary color is a deep, rich blue that pairs well with any outfit. The use of lime green accent marks really gives the shoe some pop as well. It may not be the craziest color scheme around, but sometimes simplicity is best.

4. Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Friends Colorway

Lots of people love “Friends,” but Kyrie loves it so much he got a tattoo celebrating the show on his arm. So, it isn’t surprising he would also dedicate a colorway of the Kyrie 5 to the show. The shoe uses colors from the opening credits on the outsole and lacing system to contrast the black upper. Kyrie’s name is spelled out below the swoosh in the “Friends” font, and there is a third eye on the back of the heel (because of course there is).

3. adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Black Panther Colorway

The purple and black color combination is criminally underrated. Look no further than Baltimore for an example of how cool this combo looks when done right. This colorway is part of adidas’s Marvel Pack and is easily the big winner. The textured elements that serve as a shout-out to Wakanda are visible without being overwhelming, and though the purple feels underserved the use of a matte finish keeps the shoe understated but powerful.

2. adidas Harden 3

adidas Harden 3 Team History Colorway

James Harden is the face of Houston’s franchise and his Harden 3 “Team History” colorway pays homage to the all teams he’s played for. There are callouts to his high school team, a Sun Devil for Arizona State, and a wonderful use of old-school Houston logos. It is reminiscent of graffiti on a wall, but because many of these smaller callouts feature the same color pattern (gold, orange, maroon red) it blends together well. The all-black midfoot strap helps break up the callouts and is a nice visual reprieve.

1. Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Have A Nike Day Colorway

Kyrie has one of the more impressive collections of colorways and one of the top ones is the “Have a Nike Day.” The denim color and texture pairs well with the white to give a clean, fresh look. It also has some nice subtle color elements such as the paint splatter on the tongue and the rainbow of colors on the outsole that wraps up the side of the shoe. The element that ties everything together is the 3D “Nike” on the heel of the shoe that really pops against the denim.


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