Youth Baseball Bat Regulations Are Changing — Here’s What You Need To Know!

Youth baseball athletes and parents, changes may be on the horizon for bat regulations in your local league.

Beginning January 1st, 1.15 BPF bats will no longer be permitted for a number of youth baseball leagues and tournaments around the world.

Leagues affected by rule change:  Little League, (AABC) American Amateur Baseball Congress, (AAU) Amateur Athletic Union, Baseball Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball and Pony Baseball.

Not all leagues will be adapting the changes as some will stay with the traditional 1.15 BPG USSSA certified bat.

However, these rule changes may vary depending on the youth league or tournament. The best way to confirm changes is to contact league or tournament officials before taking action.

As 2018 approaches, a number of new USA and USSSA certified bats have come out that meet new league and tournament regulations. Below is a breakdown of these bats from various brands.

Bats for 2018


Demarini Voodoo

DeMarini Voodo Bat Reg 1


  • USA: -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA: -5 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel,
  • -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.
  • One-piece as the Voodoo One, or two-piece as the Voodoo.

The Voodoo line from DeMarini has stuck around for years and become a staple in leagues everywhere because of its bold and flashy design. This bat offers a streamlined 3Fusion handle and balanced weight distribution with X14 Alloy material, giving you the elite power and pop you need.


Easton Ghost X


  • USA: -5, -8, -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA: -5, -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel
  • -5, -8, -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.

The Ghost X, which boasts the popular Dynamic Feel System, replaces the Easton Mako from years past. This two-piece bat has plenty of pop for the power hitter thanks to its X-tended barrel, while its Exact Carbon Technology works hard to eliminate vibration during your at-bats.


Easton Beast X


  • USA: -5, -8, -10 weight drop; 2 5/8″ barrel.
  • USSSA: -5, -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel,
  • -5, -8, -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.
  • One-piece balanced as Beast X Speed, two-piece end loaded as Beast X Loaded, or two-piece as Beast X Hybrid.

This bat’s name explains it all. The Beast X bat, built for the contact hitter, boasts an ATAC alloy barrel to give you the pop and control you need at the plate, while offering the standard Easton Dynamic Feel System for comfort, and EXACT carbon technology to remove vibration.


Louisville Slugger Prime 918



Super light but also super powerful, the Louisville Slugger Prime 918 is a two piece bat built to strengthen your swing. This bat offers a proprietary MicroForm barrel design that provides a lighter weight while still delivering maximum power, and reduces vibration with its famous, patented TRU3 construction.


  • USSSA:  -8, -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel


Louisville Slugger Solo 618


  • USA: -11 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA: -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.

The Louisville Slugger Solo 618 USA Baseball Bat is a one piece SL hyper alloy bat that allows for premium energy transfer. Throw in a Speed Ballistic end cap for maximum swing speed, and a custom lizard skin grip, and your swing will be generating more pop than ever.


Louisville Slugger Omaha


  • USA: -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA: -5, -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.

The Omaha is one of the longest-tenured bats in the game and specializes in bringing you the pop you need at the plate year after year. Thanks to its strong ST 7U1 one-piece alloy construction, this classic continues to transfer the energy you need in every swing.


Marucci Cat7



The Marucci Cat7 gives you the large sweet spot you love from a one-piece alloy bat, but also gives you an anti-vibration knob, a precision-balanced barrel to even out your power, and, of course, a traditional feel and grip, just to make sure you are satisfied with your plate performance.


  • USSSA: -5, -8 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.


Rawlings Quatro


  • USA: -10 weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA:  -10 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.

Get the extra power you need from every swing with this lightweight, two-piece carbon fiber bat from Rawlings. From its lightweight end cap, to its sleekly designed composite barrel, and ultimate flex throughout, the Quatro is a next-level bat that can help improve your game.


Rawlings Velo


  • USA: -5, -10 weight drop;  2 5/8” barrel.
  • USSSA: -5, weight drop; 2 5/8” barrel,
  • -10, -12 weight drop; 2 3/4” barrel.

This bat offers the bounce speed off of the barrel that you need, and durability to hold up through all of your games and tournaments.

The one-piece option is engineered with pop 2.0, which creates a larger sweet spot, a Comp-Lite end cap, which helps create balance, and acoustic alloy material for a nice sound.

The two-piece option is a composite construction that upgrades your swing speed and fights off negative vibration. This bat gives you 3C technology (consistent, composite, compaction) which makes the bat durable for high levels of performance.


As the cold hits and you start to prepare for your next season in just a few months, make sure you check out our full selection of USA and USSSA certified bats at eastbay.com.

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