Troy Reader: Ahead Of The Count

Troy Reader’s career in baseball started early. Really early.

It only took until the age of three for the young slugger to first pick up a bat and hold a glove.

It definitely started with my parents. When I was younger, I would throw the ball around outside a lot with my dad and they really made me start loving baseball.
Troy Reader

But his passion for the game also grew from watching a championship level team year after year. “My favorite team is the Giants,” he said. “We travel to San Francisco every summer for a week and take in a lot of their home games.”

Those trips to AT&T Park even helped him find his perfect role model on the baseball field, Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford. “I just love the way he plays the game,” Troy said. “I definitely try to model my game after him.”

It’s all paid off on the diamond so far for him, too. During his 12-year-old All-Star Game this past year, Troy couldn’t have shone any brighter. He went 5 for 5 with three homers.

It was a huge game for the future star, but it took a lot of hard work for him to deliver in such a big way.

I’m always working on my game. Whether working out at the gym or hitting off the tee in a cage, I’m always doing something.
Troy Reader

A specific drill that has really helped him involves a special tee. “I use this tee that hangs upside down so that you can just hit the bottom of the ball,” he explained. “I love using it because it forces you to get backspin off the ball and it really improves my swing.”

As he develops on the diamond, his skills in other sports are also growing. “I play tackle football as well,” Troy said. “It definitely helps make me tougher.”

But there’s no question that his heart lies with the sport of baseball.

Baseball is my favorite because one swing of the bat can change the game. One big hit can get you the win, one ground out can get you the loss.
Troy Reader


  • Susan Geraghty:

    What an awesome young man! With such determination, I look forward to watching him play in the majors. Wishing him the best in reaching all his goals. Go Troy!

  • ferris bueiler:

    i know dis kid

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