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2018 Baseball Gear Guide Featured

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The offseason is rounding third and we’re all feeling ready to hit the diamond. While you’re finishing up a winter of indoor training, start learning about all the latest products and building your gear rack for the new season.


Built For Speed

adidas Afterburner 4.0

adidas adiZero Afterburner 4: All hail the speed king of the diamond. This cleat is designed for one purpose: to get you to the next base as fast as possible. Weighing in at just 9.4 oz, it won’t matter if you’re charging for a stand-up double or chasing down a ball in the gap, the Afterburner will get you there. Fast. Available in stunning colorways like the Gold Pack and Dipped Pack, you’ll definitely stand out in the adiZero Afterburner 4 — that is, if they even see you coming.

New Balance 4040v4

New Balance 4040v4: If you play baseball, you’ve heard of these popular cleats from New Balance. From the spikes to the tongue, the 4040v4 is one of the most thoughtfully designed shoes in the game. For performance at speeds, these cleats feature a supportive yet lightweight outsole plate. This plate flexes at key bend points so you get maximum dig from metal spikes. A convenient lace cage adds the finishing touch to a streamlined upper by keeping the laces secured and out of the way.


Built For Comfort

Nike Huarache Cleats

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite: We’ll start this list with a legend. From top to bottom, this cleat is built for the much-needed comfort of a long season. The internal bootie and ankle locking system hug the foot with a supportive fit, and a full-length Air Max unit in the midsole creates the perfect buffer between your foot and the spikes. Choose the Alpha Huarache Elite in one of its sleek new colorways and link up your look with the Huarache Elite Gloves.

New Balance COMPv1

New Balance CompV1: Ready to embrace change? The New Balance CompV1 is the most innovative baseball cleat system this season and it’s here to take the field by force. The key, new feature is the spike – each one is a glass-fiber tack surrounded by TPU. The hardness of the glass-fiber allows this cleat to punch through dirt with the effectiveness of metal while the TPU delivers the comfort of a molded system. This makes the CompV1 the perfect choice for players who live in their cleats day in and day out, on any surface and in all conditions. Read all about this impressive new cleat in our featured blog here.

adida Energy Boost

adidas Boost Icon 3: It’s right in the name – these innovative cleats house the power of boost from heel to toe. This responsive cushioning system is the perfect solution to cleat pressure felt from metal spikes. But the tech goes beyond the boost. The Icon 3’s sock-like upper hugs your foot for a natural fit while the spike layout gives you perfect traction. Plus, the classy look makes your diamond presence gold-status.


Fielder’s Gloves

Flip Through By Position

  • 2018 Fielding Glove
  • P Fielding Glove
    Pitcher - Wilson A2000 11.75" Fielder's Glove: This glove is the ideal tool for pitchers. Its Closed Pro-Laced web gives you the support needed to snag a liner up the middle and bust the batter. Built strong with Pro Stock Select Leather, you’ll stand out on the mound and perform in confidence with the Wilson A2000. *Available for left-handed and right-handed throwers. SHOP NOW
  • C Fielding Glove
    Catcher - All Star Professional 33.5” Catcher’s Mitt: The All Star Pro is a powerful catcher’s mitt that can keep up with the high demands of the position. It’s one of the most popular gloves behind the plate for good reason – each one is handcrafted from exclusive Japanese tanned steerhide. Its black back and extended pro pocket offer support for precise ball control and handling. Available in black/tan or all black with reinforced closed web, this is the go-to mitt for the backstop of the ball field. SHOP NOW
  • 1B Fielding Glove
    First Base - Mizuno Pro Series First Base Mitt: With so many plays coming your way, you need to be confident that the glove you choose will be reliable. The Mizuno Pro Series First Base Mitt is beautifully handcrafted with perfectly conditioned Kip Leather for sturdy looks and top-shelf performance. The dual post web creates the perfect system for snagging and controlling balls. The Mizuno Pro Series, also available for other positions, is the superior glove made by the masters at Mizuno. SHOP NOW
  • 2B Fielding Glove
    Second Base - Wilson A2000 11.75” Fielder’s Glove: Just like our featured pitcher’s glove, this second base glove pick comes from the prominent A2000 series by Wilson — one of the most popular models in the game. But this glove adds a little extra baseball flair to its look; the webbing, first featured on American League MVP Jose Altuve’s signature glove, is laced with red leather to resemble the classic stitching pattern on the ball. SHOP NOW
  • 3B Fielding Glove
    Third Base - Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.75” Fielder’s Glove: Introducing a new tradition in the distinguished Heart of the Hide line – ColorSync 2.0 blends new leather colors and drifts away from the traditional red and white Rawlings patch to offer a beautifully distinct glove. The glove is intricately crafted using the famous Heart of the Hide steerhide leather. This particular edition features brand new V-Web used by defensive star Manny Machado. Make Rawlings Heart of the Hide your next glove choice and play like the game’s defensive elites. SHOP NOW
  • SS Fielding Glove
    Shortstop - Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5” Fielder’s Glove: Take a knee and bow your head, it’s time to talk about The Captain. This Rawlings Heart of the Hide 11.5” Fielder’s Glove was the game-day glove of Derek Jeter. The glove was specifically designed with Jeter’s input on break points, web, stiffness, feel, and break-in, making it an ideal choice for shortstops. This beauty of a glove is only found at Eastbay, but if it’s on your radar, wait just a month, it drops in all its glory mid-Feb.
  • LF Fielding Glove
    Left Field - Under Armour Genuine Pro 12.75” Fielder’s Glove: Track down the hardest hit fly balls with this muscly fielder’s glove by Under Armour. Constructed with Premium Japanese tanned steerhide and designed with the utmost care, the Under Armour Genuine Pro is your answer to successfully fielding and securing hits to left field. SHOP NOW
  • CF Fielding Glove
    Center Field - Wilson A2K 12.75” Fielder’s Glove: You cover the most distance out of anyone on the field – choose a glove that can keep up with your speed. Featuring SuperSkin that is twice as strong as regular leather but half the weight, this dominating fielder’s glove won’t weigh you down as you track big hits this season. Bonus: this is the game-day glove of the super-charged sensation Mookie Betts. This glove will be available in February.
  • RF Fielding Glove
    Right Field - Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.75” Fielder’s Glove: We’ve talked about Heart of the Hide in the infield. Well, it also dominates the outfield. Each glove is masterfully crafted using signature Heart of the Hide steerhide leather. This specific model features a gorgeous black, brown, and tan Eastbay-exclusive colorway that is available in a range of sizes so you can confidently defend your position in right field. SHOP NOW


Easton Ghost Bat

Easton Ghost X: Welcome the Ghost X to the dugout this spring, the powerful descendant of the well-known Mako from previous seasons. The Ghost X features the proven Connexion+ hinge between the barrel and the handle for energy transfer. Easton’s new DynamicFeel system with EXACT Carbon creates the best-feeling composite barrel on the market. The Ghost X is the new standard in bat technology and it’s ready for big swings.

Demarini Voodoo Bat

DeMarini Voodoo: The incredibly versatile powerhouse of the batter’s box. DeMarini has been perfecting the Voodoo’s swing for over a decade and now features better technology than ever. The barrel is made of X14 Alloy which allows DeMarini the ability to create three unique versions of the Voodoo in slightly endloaded, extremely endloaded, and one-piece full alloy to fit any player’s preference while maintaining crazy amounts of pop. A 3Fusion end cap tops off this bat by optimizing weight control.

Rawlings Velo Bat

Rawlings Velo: Blast the fastest pitches thrown your way with the Velo. This heavy hitter by Rawlings is said to be one of the finest balanced bats in baseball. Its light feel and fast swing speed is made possible by the innovative CompLite end cap. While the barrel and handle are a one-piece aluminum with the old school ping of a classic bat, the end cap turns the Velo into a one-of-a-kind hybrid. This end cap sinks several inches of composite material into the end of the barrel to create a bat that is quick to react for a smooth swing.


Batting Gloves

Franklin Gloves

Franklin CFX Pro: Here’s the thing, Franklin’s got batting gloves dialed in. If the bat is an extension of your arm, the glove is the glue that links it all up – and the designers at Franklin know this. The CFX Pro is made with PITTARDS DIGITAL sheepskin leather which provides a snug, tactile grip around the bat handle. Worn and tested by pros in the major leagues, this glove will become a crucial player in your at-bat ensemble.

Nike Batting Gloves

Nike Huarache Elite: Taking the same, powerful name as their cleat counterpart, you can match your looks with the Huarache Elite batting gloves. These gloves are strategically designed to prevent bunching for a better connection with your bat. They feature a smooth, seamless leather palm for precise contact, and their lightweight flexibility eliminates distractions. If you like the colors but need something a little more economical and don’t mind missing out on some of the tech, the Nike Huarache Edge gloves are a great alternative.

Nike Trout Batting Gloves

Nike Trout Elite: One of the sleekest gloves found inside the batter’s box, these gloves are designed specifically to meet the needs of the power-hitting force that is Mike Trout. These gloves beautifully form to the contours of the hand to create a responsive barrier between you and the bat. With the Trout Elite gloves, you’ll be dropping bombs like never before. As with the Huarache, you can match these gloves with the Trout 4 cleats.


Must-Have Accessories

Evoshield Arm Sleeve

Evoshield Evocharge Elbow Guard: Strut up to the box and own the plate – the Evocharge elbow guard offers functional protection with a smooth design. The guard features Gel-To-Shell technology, a custom fitting process that molds to the contours of your elbow for the most exact fit possible. But take care, the gel is air activated and ready to form right out of the foil.

Evoshield Evocharge Wrist Guard: Protect your wrists from nasty hops in the infield. Featuring Gel-To-Shell technology, this Evocharge wrist guard custom forms to your wrist for the perfect fit. Take care opening the package – the gel is air activated and ready to form to your wrist right out of the foil.

Evoshield Evocharge Compression Arm Sleeve: The sleek, functional Evoshield Arm Sleeve improves blood circulation and helps decrease inflammation in your throwing arm. Plus, as an additional perk, it adds some style to your look.

G Form Protection

G-Form Leg Guard: Introducing a new player at home plate. G-Form is new to baseball but certainly not new to protective gear; they’ve been protecting athletes on bikes, skis, and snowboards for years. They even protect smartphones. The G-Form guard is incredibly flexible thanks to Reactive Protection Technology. This technology offers adaptable protection that stays soft while you play and only hardens on impact. This is possible due to the molecules that make up the foam. These molecules repel each other at a normal state, creating a soft, flexible foam; upon impact, they bind together and stiffen the material. After the impact, the pads go back to their original, flexible state so you stay protected pitch after pitch. If you’ve got your eyes on the G-Form Leg Guard, hold off just a bit, it drops mid-Feb.

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Prizm Lens Sunglasses: If you haven’t been filled in on Prizm technology by Oakley, now is your chance. These sport-specific lenses are a revolutionary adaptation to eyewear. This model, specifically crafted for the ball field, enhances contrast on the diamond and makes the ball pop against the blue of the sky. These are not just sunglasses that protect against the sun; they are a visual experience optimized for faster reactions, enhanced details, and improved performance.

Nike Backpack

Nike Vapor Select Backpack: Your perfect personal gear hauler. The Nike Vapor Select has all the features you need to make things convenient during a long season: cleat compartment, two side pockets for bats, and a glove pocket. It’s simple, durable, and functional.


Pants and Sliders


Under Armour Bandit Sliding Shorts: All the benefits of famous UA Compression technology plus the added benefit of protecting you from abrasions during an aggressive slide. These sliding shorts feature HeatGear fabric to keep you cool in the hot weather and anti-odor technology so you won’t stink up the dugout.

Nike Pro Combat Tight Slider: Ideal protection for sliding into the bag – the Pro Combat Tight Slider offers abrasion resistance at key sliding areas and pads at the knees so you feel confident and secure during a close play.

2018 Baseball Pants

Easton Mako 2 Piped Baseball Pants: Step onto the ball field in modern-game style. The Mako 2 pants are designed to be durable with double reinforced knees. They include Scotchgard Stain Release technology in the fabric so you keep a clean, fresh look throughout the season.

With an ever-evolving sport like baseball, the gear is constantly updating; hopefully this guide helped you learn about a product that will ramp up your game this season. We understand that with the wide range of techniques and preferences on the diamond, we may not have highlighted the item you’re looking for. If we didn’t, be sure to check out all of our baseball equipment found here.


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