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Performance Review: Nike LunarGlide+ 2

Nike LunarGlide+ 2

words // Sara Accettura

images // Zac Dubasik

My feet are in love with the Nike LunarGlide+ 2 running shoe. In fact, I really can’t find anything about the shoe I don’t like. From heel to toe, this shoe is amazing. The toe box is streamlined without any unnecessary bulk, and they’re not too tight for my wider forefeet. The shoe is decently light, weighing in around 9.8 ounces, and the arch support is perfectly placed. Even the collar height is perfect and didn’t rub my ankles while I wore my favorite no-show socks.

I’ve had limited experience with Nike running shoes in the past. It seemed like whenever I tried on a pair, they were too narrow for my feet. After a few tries, I just steered clear. But, I’m now calling that an unfair bias on my end, because as soon as I put the LunarGlide +2 on my foot, I went, “Ahhhh.” Everything just fit right. And then I stood up and took a couple of bouncy steps. I might just be a Nike convert.

Nike LunarGlide+ 2


The cushioning package is officially named LunarLon, which is comprised of Lunar foam that runs the full length of the shoe. I first heard of Lunar foam from basketball shoe reviews where it was greeted with a lukewarm reception. But, in these running shoes, I think the Lunar-based foam package has found its home. Not only was the heel cushioned, but the entire length of the shoe was amply cushioned. In the LunarGlide+ 2, from heel strike to toe-off, it’s a wonderfully cushioned ride. I love the springy feeling of the foam; it has a spongy suppleness to it that didn’t undermine the important support elements of the shoe.

Nike LunarGlide+ 2

Nike+ ready, the LunarGlide provides stability for underpronators to mild overpronators. In fact, there is a wedge of firm foam at the back of the midsole to offer support to all of us pronators out there. An added bonus are the gender-specific flex grooves that promote a naturally efficient stride and the Dynamic Support element that adapts to your stride throughout your run, since strides throughout a run can change. This is a very intuitive addition, and I can say that no matter what point I was in during my run, the outsole seemed to flex in just the right places. So, while there is ample cushioning, this is still a support shoe. To me, the shoe never felt stiff in any way, and I had no “break-in” period to speak of. Rather, the support and cushioning elements were married together for a perfect pair.

Nike LunarGlide+ 2

The upper sports Flywire, again something I had first heard about in basketball shoes. So, this was my first personal experience with it, and I have to say, I was impressed. I was worried that the panels would seem stiff or constricting, but it was just the opposite – I barely noticed they were there. The promise of lightweight lockdown via the Flywire panels was definitely fulfilled. Actually, what’s different from the original LunarGlide can be found in the Flywire panel, which has been extended further back for increased fit and support around the midfoot and heel. The mesh upper has ample breathability and is nearly stitch-free to reduce irritation. The partial inner sleeve construction delivers comfort and fit to go along with the lockdown provided by the Flywire panels. There was no discomfort or rubbing in any areas on the inside of the shoe. Another fit element is found in the heel, which houses a Dynamic Fit heel counter to compensate for the varying sizes of women’s heels. My foot narrows at the heel, and I can attest that these shoes fit me perfectly, and I had no uncomfortable rubbing from the heel area.

Nike LunarGlide+ 2

And what probably has me the most excited is the environmentally preferred rubber outsole. I just love those green touches. The outsole is also designed for durability along with carbon rubber under the heel for abrasion resistance. I thought the outsole held up very well during my runs. The entire package is topped off with reflective elements for those night runners out there.


I am so glad I took the plunge and tried this shoe from Nike. If I had to choose something to improve upon for the next iteration, I’d probably suggest some more bright colorway options. And, that’s really it. If this is the last shoe in the line, I’m sure I’d still be buying it simply because of how well this shoe does in both the cushioning and support areas. I almost feel like this shoe was made for my foot and running stride, so overall, I’m very impressed with my experience so far and can’t wait to keep running in this shoe.

Author: Sara

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