Release Dates / 10.11.10

Release Date: Air Jordan Retro 11 – “Cool Grey”

12/23/2010 Air Jordan Retro 11
78037001 Medium Grey/White-Cool Grey
Air Jordan Retro 11 Medium Grey White Cool Grey

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. jon says:

    will these shoes be on eastbay or only in stores?

  2. Kiara says:

    Will they be available for pre-order on eastbay ?

  3. Tim miller says:

    When will they be released?

  4. Eric James says:

    December 23rd is the release date

  5. steve says:

    What time does that release??? Is that like random????

  6. vegarian washington says:

    will eastbay be releasing the cool greys on dec 24,2010 at 12am.thanks i also would like to know if gonna get the altitudes on dec 11,2010.

  7. Eric James says:

    Yes I will be getting the altitudes as well as the cool greys…as for the release time of the cool greys it depends on what time zone you’re located, I am in the central time zone and the release date is set for December 23, 2010, but eastbay will release them on December 22 at 11:00 p.m., so your best option is to go on the website around 10:55 search for the shoe and wait on the countdown clock.

  8. Bmoore says:

    So eastbay is released them at 11 pm on the 22?

  9. Rashon says:

    Will they come in gradschool size range 3.5-7 and what will the price be

  10. chris says:

    When will you be able to order them from Eastbay

  11. Frank says:

    if you are in the eastern timezone, will the eastbay release the cool greys on dec 23rd at 12am?

  12. jamaal says:

    so soon as it hit 11:00 pm on december 22nd u can buy them off eastbay??? and is it guna be hard to get em at 11 off eastbay???

  13. bigmike says:

    do you know if you will have the jordan 11 in sz 15?

  14. Must have these are clean

  15. stephen says:

    r there limited ?

  16. CatFanNQC says:

    Jordan Retro 11 Limited Shoe Release

    On Thursday, December 23 the new Jordan 11 Retro shoes will be released in a limited fashion to the public at the Team Store within Time Warner Cable Arena. As a Bobcats fan, you have the ability to purchase a pair of the Jordan 11’s while supplies last. To celebrate the Jordan 11 Retro release, Gerald Wallace and D.J. Augustin will be on-hand signing autographs. Event details and Jordan 11 Retro purchase instructions are below.

    Event Info

    Location: BobcatsTime Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte NC – Main Lobby

    Entrance: 5th Street side

    Time: Line for shoes forms at 12:00 noon

    Appearance: D.J. Augustin and Gerald Wallace will be on-hand from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

    Shoe Purchase Instructions :
    Attend the Shoe Release event on December 23 at Time Warner Cable Arena and get in line for your chance to purchase the Jordan 11 Retros. Doors open at 12:00 noon and shoe sales begin at 2:00 p.m.

    Note: Shoes are available on a first come, first served basis. Shoe sizes are not guaranteed.

    Check out cool pics and videos, get free stuff and let your opinions roll on!
    Current Promotion: Win a pair of Jordan Retro 11 shoes signed by Michael Jordan.

  17. mick says:

    r the jordan retro 11 available in kids sizes?

  18. Jaz says:

    How much will it be for sizes 5 and under for the cool greys?

  19. JulieBrez says:

    The cool greys will also be available in youth ($109.99), pre-school ($64.99), toddler ($47.99) and infant sizes ($39.99). Men’s sizes will be priced at $174.99.

  20. Delo says:

    When will you receive the shoes if you order them on the 22nd

  21. Jaz says:

    How Exactly Do You Order Them Online? And How Long Will It Take For Me To Get Them From The Day I Order Them?

  22. chukktyler says:

    is it $175 including tax?

  23. JulieBrez says:

    @Jaz @Delo sorry, I can’t give you an exact day you’d receive them. It would depend upon your location and choice of shipping method.

    @chukktyler $174.99 is the price they’ll be sold at Eastbay. This does not includes sales tax.

    They will be available to order on Eastbay 12/22 at 11PM CST. Quantities are limited.

  24. JC says:

    What’s the sku number for the adults

  25. DROSE says:

    Will the concord edition (white and black) be release too? or just the cool grey?

  26. jordan junky says:

    i will get them one way or another

  27. BRich says:


    For now, just the “Cool Grey.” But there are rumors that we may see the “Concords” drop sometime in 2011. We’ll keep you posted!

  28. khari says:

    how long will it take for them to get here

  29. DROSE says:


    How many of them are going to be sold? Is it just a small number of them?

  30. JulieBrez says:

    @JC the adult sku # on Eastbay is 78037001

    @khari the arrival of your order would depending upon your location and choice of shipping method.

    @DROSE sorry, we can’t disclose actual the number of pairs. And the quantities are limited by the manufacturer.

  31. chris bourdeau says:

    does any one know what time it they will come outt.

  32. Mikewei says:

    just ordered a pair from UK…around $190 including everything…now I can just sit back and enjoy my Xmas…;)

  33. Dj2012 says:

    @ Mikewei wat website did you order them from??

  34. bob20 says:

    what time will they release in stores??
    at midnight or in the morning

  35. BRich says:

    @bob20 Online, they’ll hit at midnight. For stores, it depends. Your best bet will be to call your local store and see how they’re handling the release. Most of them will release them during normal store hours, but there will probably be long lines at least a day in advance.

  36. blackmamba213 says:

    Mine are available at midnight at my local shoe store, camping out baby well for a few hours.

  37. Tony G says:

    Im hoping to get 2 pairs of the Cool Grey 11s off whats the number of jordans im restricted to?

    If im located in the Eastern time zone what time and day will the cool greys be available exactly?? last question is crucial an help would be very appreciated, happy holidays!

  38. victor says:

    what time will they start sellin them in footlocker

  39. emma says:

    will they release these in pre-scholl size 3?

  40. JulieBrez says:

    @Tony G @ victor
    at Eastbay, they will be released to purchase at 11:00 PM CST. Which would be 9:00 PM Pacific time, 10:00 PM Mountain time, and midnight Eastern time. They are limited to 2 pairs per customer.

    Here’s a link to prepare. The shoe will show up at this link on 12/22 with a countdown clock that releases them to order at the times stated above.

  41. paulle says:

    do these run true to size, or a little small…

    i have wider feet

  42. gonz says:

    will i be able to use any coupon codes for this release?

  43. Kevin says:

    @juliebrez today’s the 22 n when u click on that link the sneakers aren’t there

  44. Kevin says:

    Nevermind I thought today was the 22 sorry about that

  45. KC says:

    @JulieBrez so the shoe will be displayed on the website 2morrow 12/22 and will be availabe at 11pm on 12/22 for ordering

  46. JulieBrez says:

    @Kevin we’re almost there 🙂
    Check the link tomorrow morning around 8:00AM CST. They should be live with the countdown clock.

    @gonz any discount codes like $ or % off won’t be able to be used with these

    @paulle true to size

    @Emma yes they will be in preschool size 3

  47. anthony hamilton says:

    do you know what time they will be online on eastbay? i live in california, but i heard you can get them online at like 9, because of eastern time, help me !

  48. Jerz says:

    Once you begin the transaction is the sneaker yours or do you have to finish the purchase before everyone else does?