Reebok Empowers Women

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Whatever defeats you brings you to the next level and creates the next victory for you.
Corinna Werkle
Reebok Training GM

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Reebok released a video to show how they empower and

inspire women through its workplace, products, and athletes.

Get inspired by watching the video below:


This isn’t the first time Reebok has taken great strides to show it values women. Check out our blog below to read more about one of Reebok’s latest campaigns.


Ladies, Reebok has a powerful message for all of you — keep persisting.

Fulfilling your dreams and aspirations takes dedication, courage, and persistence. Reebok is committed to supporting and encouraging your success, no matter who you are.

The inspiration behind the company’s latest campaign came from a statement made after U.S. senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced by her peers: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Reebok created T-shirts with the quote “Nevertheless, she persisted” and has pledged to donate the proceeds to Women’s March.

We spoke with Inga Stenta, the senior director of brand management at Reebok, to get some insight into this campaign.

“At Reebok, community is at the core of everything we do and we believe we’re stronger and better together. These T-shirts represent that message in its purest form. Especially as a women-first brand, we pride ourselves on creating campaigns that empower women.”
Inga Stenta
Senior Director of Brand Management, Reebok

The “Nevertheless, she persisted” statement also correlates well with athletes, “In fitness, and in sports, persistence is crucial — you need to push yourself past what you thought was possible to become a better version of yourself,” Stenta said.

Female athletes are leaders, and that’s why Stenta feels they play a big part in this movement. “Strong female athletes play such an important role in empowering not just young women, but all women. Every day through their hard work and dedication to their craft they’re showing the world that being tough and strong as a woman is a powerful thing.”

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