Fortunately, Eastbay and I are here to help you out. We can help you pick a fire color scheme and some shoes to go with it. Wearing dress shoes to prom is overrated. It’s a long night and those types of shoes begin to hurt after the first hour. Let’s put you in some more comfortable, fresher looking shoes.

Jordan 6 Rings x Sky Blue

Prom season is upon us. It’s one of the biggest nights of many high schoolers’ careers, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Guys are frustrated because their girlfriends are expecting a cute promposal and they don’t want to put in the work. Girls are busy searching for the perfect dress, trying to color coordinate with their friends, and scheduling someone to do their hair. They also get the added stress of having to plan out the evening, because they know if they leave it up to the guys nothing will get done. Is that a stereotype? Yes. Is it mostly accurate? I would argue yes.

Prom Blog 1 blue

The Jordan 6 Rings combines all the classics of the shoes Jordan wore during his championship season to create a sleek modern look. A leather upper keeps the shoe classy and a foam midsole keeps you comfortable. I would suggest wearing the black and blue colorway. The upper and midsole offer almost a two-tone black due to the two different types of material. Where you get a nice splash of color though is with the outsole which is a soft light blue. Blue is a popular color scheme at prom, but most people will tend to pick a darker shade of blue. Going with more of a sky blue it really brightens up the room and will do a better job accentuating the color of your eyes. Coming off spring break, you and your date hopefully picked up a little bit of a tan, which will show up nicely against the light blue.

Nike Air Max Plus x Deep Purple

One of the most iconic shoes around is sure to make you stand out. Visible Max Air units in both the forefoot and the heel will lessen the stress on your feet and legs so you can dance all night. Plus, the waffle pattern will make sure there are no embarrassing slips. I think the best colorway is a sort-of iridescent blue on the upper and a mixed black and fuchsia outsole. If you pair that shoe with a deep purple color scheme, you and your date are sure to make some other couples jealous with how great you look. Everyone loves to hate a power couple and rolling with a deep purple makes you the ultimate power couple. There is a misconception that wearing red is the biggest flex, but subtlety can speak volumes. Red screams, “Look at me!,” while purple says, “I’m a respectable leader, but not afraid to dominate you.” Purple is also one of the more underused colors, which means you’ll stand out even more.

Nike Air Force 1 Low x Burnt Orange

“I just want a guy who is down for adventures and watching sunsets.” That is probably the most cliché Tinder bio ever. The adventures part throws me. Are you trying to sail the Amazon River together, or take a chance on a new Netflix series? Sunsets on the other hand, I think we can all agree are dope. That’s why we are going to go with a nice burnt orange color scheme. If we did regular orange, then it would look like your interviewing to be the University of Tennessee’s basketball coach. Burnt orange tones down the look, and there is something more mysterious/suspenseful about the color. For the actual shoe, I would suggest a pair of Air Force 1 Lows, which happen to be available in a lovely burnt orange colorway. The Air Force 1 is one of the most popular and recognizable shoes in the world. Debuting in 1982 the shoe has kept a similar look for almost four decades. It has a full-length polyurethane midsole to keep you comfortable and stable when you drop it low.


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