6 Ways To Cuff Your Denim

Welcome cuffing apprentices; I have a very important question for you… are you ready to learn a variety of cuffs to take your denim game to a whole new level?

First things first, before you can become a cuffing master, you need to find the perfect pair of jeans. All of the following cuffs work best with a slimmer leg opening, not quite a skinny jean, but smaller than a boot cut. For our cuffing tutorial we used a Levi’s 511.

Lastly, you can’t just cuff your jeans and call it good. You’re going to need the best pair of kicks to complement each cuff. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through it.

Let’s get started!

Single Roll Jeans Cuff

The Single Roll

1. Fold up your jeans about an inch
2. Tuck the hem behind the roll if you’d like, or leave it out

Kicks To Complement: Boots, chukkas, nothing too narrow

Long Roll Cuff Jeans

The Long Roll

1. Fold up your jeans about an inch and a half
2. Works best for longer legs, may make your legs look shorter

Kicks To Complement: Heavier boots and shoes

Skinny Roll Jeans Cuff

The Skinny Roll

1. Start at the hem and do three small rolls to about a half an inch
2. Works best with thinner denims

Kicks To Complement: Nike SB, Vans, Converse

Double Cuff Jeans

The Double-Cuff

1. Roll up the bottom twice to about an inch
2. Beware — can also make your legs appear shorter

Kicks To Complement: Chukkas, chunky sneakers

Bicycle Cuff Jeans

The Bicycle Cuff

1. Do the double cuff
2. Slide the jeans up your calves to just under the knee

Kicks To Complement: Sandals, slides, light sneakers

Pinroll Jeans Cuff

The Pinroll

1. Pull the fabric from the inside hem straight out from your leg
2. Wrap the excess fabric you’ve pulled around to the back of your leg
3. Start rolling where you have the jean wrapped and work your way around the leg
4. Roll 1-2 times until the roll is tight (but not too tight)
5. Cuff should sit around one inch

Kicks To Complement: Sneakers or any other kicks you want to show off

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