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Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88 “Cement” Hook-Up

Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro '88 "Cement" Hook-Up

words // Brandon Richard

With a single leap from the free throw line in 1988, Michael Jordan changed the way we thought about sports and footwear. Was Michael already a basketball superstar? Sure. Were Jordan shoes already a hot commodity? Without a doubt. However, MJ’s historic contest-clinching dunk triggered his rise to international stardom and made the Air Jordan III — the first Jordan model to bear the Jumpman logo — truly iconic.

Since ’88, the “Cement” Air Jordan III has been re-released four times, most recently earlier this month. What made this drop different from the 2011 version was the inclusion of the highly coveted ‘Nike Air’ branding on the heel and hang tag. Add in the fact that the ’88 retro was produced in limited quantities and you have an extremely popular release that was difficult to get your hands on.

On the heels of Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday and the 62nd Annual NBA All-Star Game, we’re giving you a second chance to bring the “Cement” Air Jordan Retro 3 home. On top of that, a matching snapback, t-shirt and shorts.

To enter the Eastbay Retro 3 Sweepstakes, simply head over to the sweepstakes page and fill in your information. Entries close this Monday, June 10. Good Luck!

Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro '88 "Cement" Hook-Up

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. Jessie Salas says:

    this is effen awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Raymond Leong says:

    Best Jordan Kicks!

  3. Lamar Smith says:

    If I win these shoes my life will be complete.I need to get my hands on these

  4. Brandon says:

    Done and done!! I hope I win!!

  5. bdogg says:

    be great if i win!!!

  6. This it’s the best news I heard all year

  7. hilltree says:

    or you guys (eastbay) can stop selling these ridiculously low production number shoes until Nike/JB makes it so we can all get a pair without having these stupid raffles….I for one am fed up with the absurd game this has become!!!

  8. Ronnie Clark says:

    True young sneakerhead. It be the best thing ever for me to get my hands on a pair of these

  9. Jason yang says:

    I want the air jordan iii 88

  10. Ronnie Clark says:

    True young sneakerhead. It be the best thing ever for me to win a pair. Last year i had a pair of cement 3’s that i had bought on Black Friday that were stolen in a home invasion. So I’d really love to get these to help replace those.

  11. Ronnie Clark says:

    I love J’s i hope and pray i get these

  12. Jotty Estrella says:

    Never won a pair of shoes before

  13. Vincent says:

    Hope I can win this prize

  14. Soap says:

    We French are also addicted Jordan

  15. Nick says:

    Was sick to my stomach, i waited 4ever for these and didnt get a pair.

  16. Benny says:

    I hope God give me a chance.

  17. Benny says:

    I hope I can have a chance.

  18. Nick says:

    it would be nice to win

  19. Zach F. says:

    i pray to the sneaker gods to please get a pair

  20. Drty says:

    Just da best pictured here

  21. Cuong D says:

    I must win this. I didn’t even got the 2011 pair.

  22. hilltree says:

    all you begging for a pair might want to give nike a buzz (1-503-671-6453) and tell them to make enough next time that we aren’t praying to some shoe god for a pair of sneakers…it’s beyond stupid and both eastbay and nike know it!!!

  23. Les says:

    I hope I win these for my birthday. Please eastbay give me a great chance to cop these.

  24. Jason Keaton says:

    These shoes are my all time favorite. Seeing these take me back to when all was good in my life. I was 11 years old and had not a worry in the world. Now I have two boys (9&10) who have turned into sneaker heads like myself. Unfornately with all these Jordan retor’s they are too expensive and too hard to come across.

  25. Jake Kalick says:

    I hope i win

  26. Polo23 says:

    Awesome idea!

  27. Marco Felix says:

    Fresh if I can win them

  28. Now ‘that’ is a Hook Up.
    But what about your loyal customers who are legal residents outside of the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia) and Puerto Rico?
    Any chance of a Hook Up for the USDM, and another Hook Up for the Rest of the Jumpman World??

  29. LaRon says:

    I tried my best to purchase these shoes on release date but no luck, now i really would appreciate it if i won a pair( ill keep my fingers cross!)

  30. booda says:

    would love a pair of these og jordans being that i missed out on the killroy pack twice

  31. booda says:

    would love a pair of these og jordans being that i missed out on the killroy pack twice

  32. Tj says:

    Hope I can get em last time had no luck

  33. Hakeem says:

    Amazing kicks

  34. Alluvzj's says:

    Lol I hope I win these shoes I don’t ever enter this kind of raffles it’s hard to believe that I would win but gave it a try any way I love Jordan’s only have 2 pairs so I’m trying to get more lol but I can’t decide what to buy all my money when I get a job will go to Jordan’s lol well good luck every one!!!

  35. Ben says:

    woooo….give it a try…

  36. Keith says:

    Thanks for this great HookUp! Congrats Eastbay for holding us down for 20plus years. And congrats to MJ , for reaching 50!

  37. robert orozco says:

    love that they’re going back to the “nike air” on the back+ hang tag

  38. nicholas says:

    I am so poor,if i win these I will feel so rich in heart an soul and style.

  39. nicholas says:

    Had a pair for a week,when i was 12 and a group of kids beat me up and stold them.Never had a pair sense.These were the ones thay stold from me.Now that im older,It would be awsome to have them agean.Wish me luck,I need these days.

  40. jordan l9ver says:

    For my husband whos dying to get one for his jordan collextio

  41. Aramis says:

    Never won any contest befor. This would be beyond amazing for me.

    Thank you eastbay for the opportunity.

  42. those j’s look like they should be mine.

  43. Those J’s,look like they should be mine.

  44. Gage Andresky says:

    I would love to have these. buy from your site all the time and these shoes are one of my favorites. I hope i win. Thanks

  45. ariq says:

    i hope i win these i dont feel like waiting in a big line at the my to get em

  46. Sarah says:

    I hope I win ! i wanted these so bad, they are sooooooooo fresh

    yeah ima girl and i wear jordans (:

  47. Aureliano Navarro says:

    It will be freakin awesome if I win these. When these were released a few weeks ago …I had 3 ipads, 3 smart phones and 3 computers running and being refreshed constantly only to be internet “road blocked” by all the sneakerheads and resellers trying to get them also. Finally after 3 hours 33 minutes reality smacked me in the face and I realized I was not going to get them, so i shut down operation “88Jc3”.

  48. Tsuyoshi says:

    Awsome Jordan 3 Retro ’88 “Cement” Hook-Up!
    I hope i win these!
    Thanks MIKE!

  49. rome palmore says:

    ive never had the money for these type of shoes but ive wanted these ever since i first saw Michael jordan were them to win these would be the best day of my life.