Eddie Jackson: Staying Hungry

As serious athletes like former University of Alabama safety Eddie Jackson get to the varsity level, their respective sport begins to become a part of their life.

Hours upon hours of hard work are put in each day to memorize plays, build muscle, and refine skills —this all after a full day of classes.

Love The Game

As Jackson gained recognition his senior season of high school, and later on as a big name player in the Alabama secondary, the game became more than a hobby for him — it became his life.


The game is my life, it’s tradition, it’s about everything like the name on the back of the jersey. You work hard and you want to leave your mark on the field so you can be remembered forever. That right there is what keeps me motivated.
Eddie Jackson

Entering NFL camp this season means the game is about to become a much larger part of Jackson’s life. It will be his full-time job. This means non-stop preparation in the film room, practice field, and weight room as he gets himself mentally and physically prepared for his first game.


When it comes to training, Jackson knows how important it is for his body and how big of a role it plays in him becoming a star in the league.

“Training is very tough and it pushes you every day. You’ve got to make sure you eat healthy, work out, take advantage of the cold tub and hot tub, and listen to the guys who are training you,” he said. “They have been doing this for 20 plus years so just take every piece of advice and take all of the coaching and just apply it every day.”

When it comes to his own workouts, Jackson said the most important aspect, to him, is weight training. Putting on more size, getting stronger, and becoming physical are all goals for Jackson.

Along with hitting the weights daily, he also said becoming faster through speed drills and improving his 40 time is something he works on a lot.

No matter how much training Jackson puts in physically, he said none of it would matter if he didn’t study the mental aspects of the game daily.

“I feel like the mental part of it is more important than the physical side, because I’ve seen a lot of guys who have all of the physical attributes, but mentally they just aren’t there,” he said. “You know they come in and they can’t handle direct criticism, they feel like things are supposed to be handed to them, and they lose their work ethic, they get down on themselves and they just fall off.”

Staying hungry is key as Jackson tries to pave his way in the NFL. This means continuing his work ethic, competitive spirit, and love of the game he has carried with him his whole life.

How do you grind every day in your training? Let us know on TW or IG by tagging us and using #Prepare4Greatness and learn more about Eddie in our latest Eastbay catalog.

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