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Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88 “Cement” Hook-Up

Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro '88 "Cement" Hook-Up

words // Brandon Richard

With a single leap from the free throw line in 1988, Michael Jordan changed the way we thought about sports and footwear. Was Michael already a basketball superstar? Sure. Were Jordan shoes already a hot commodity? Without a doubt. However, MJ’s historic contest-clinching dunk triggered his rise to international stardom and made the Air Jordan III — the first Jordan model to bear the Jumpman logo — truly iconic.

Since ’88, the “Cement” Air Jordan III has been re-released four times, most recently earlier this month. What made this drop different from the 2011 version was the inclusion of the highly coveted ‘Nike Air’ branding on the heel and hang tag. Add in the fact that the ’88 retro was produced in limited quantities and you have an extremely popular release that was difficult to get your hands on.

On the heels of Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday and the 62nd Annual NBA All-Star Game, we’re giving you a second chance to bring the “Cement” Air Jordan Retro 3 home. On top of that, a matching snapback, t-shirt and shorts.

To enter the Eastbay Retro 3 Sweepstakes, simply head over to the sweepstakes page and fill in your information. Entries close this Monday, June 10. Good Luck!

Win An Air Jordan 3 Retro '88 "Cement" Hook-Up

Author: Brandon Richard


  1. adubbbb says:

    will i have to pay for these if i win ?

  2. Mike Malig says:

    Love these shoes!

  3. Kyle Hewitt says:

    Cement threes! enter me(;

  4. Tresmarios23 says:

    Does the clothing apparels come with the shoes? I hope so…c’mon!

  5. love these shoes but couldn’t find em. had em when I was a kid. I’d love to get a pair. please hook me up!!!!!

  6. love em. hook me up please!!!!!

  7. Bryan says:

    One of my favorite Air Jordan sneakers ever released. Soft, full grain leather and a great coloway. Plus these came out the year I was born. Are the shoes true to size?

  8. Tyler says:

    these shoes are dope i want them so bad size 8.5

  9. Juma says:

    Size 10 please!

  10. JoeKool says:

    I’m a lil kid again I need those in my life!

  11. Nick says:

    I need my first pair hook me up

  12. Dwilliams says:

    Need These Please Let Me Win Size 8

  13. Colin Parr says:

    I would love me a pair of these Retro ’88 3’s, one of my favorite sneakers and would love to add them to the collection. Please hook me up size 11.5.

  14. Darshon McCullough says:

    please please!!!! i’ve never worn a jordan shoe before

  15. Hangtag says:

    When will you announce the winner

  16. Hope i win.. size 15 this would be really cool

  17. Ethan Lozada says:

    Oh my god I’ve been trying to get these for 3 months and I can’t seem to make up the money for it .

  18. Ethan Lozada says:

    Size 8

  19. Cody says:

    Any word on when the winner will be announced? Also are all sizes available?

  20. Rian says:

    I honestly would appreciate these more than anyone.I’m only 14 andjust started getting in to sneakers and winning these for My collection would be great.

  21. Xena says:

    Please please pick me! I have to owe a pair :3

  22. ANTHONY0797 says:


  23. Joshua says:

    Size 9 Please

  24. Bruce Gonzales says:

    Please pick me I’m 14 & I just want my first pair of jordans

  25. Gotta love em. I just wish I could look as good wearing these things as Jordan would playing in them.

  26. Tejanna says:

    This shoe is so clean and fresh. I love it!

  27. Shaun says:

    These are fire siz 12

  28. Mason says:

    Been trying to get these everytime they release!

  29. Thomas says:

    i really hope i win these! they are extremely nice shoes and i love the hat, shorts, and shirt!!!

  30. christopher jean-louis says:

    i love all retros biggest fan i got all retros except this one so please hook me up

  31. christopher jean-louis says:

    i love retros i got all except them number 3s bro and i need some jordan clothes and please hook me up with them retros and hopefully them clothes

  32. Anthony lee says:
  33. Anthony lee says:

    Size 10 please

  34. terrick says:

    Dang this would feel like a dream i love me some jordans but cant offord it 🙁

  35. itsel says:

    i know im a girl but i LOVE those shoes iv been looking for them every where i have never had a pair IN MY LIFE aand ive been saving up for a long time please givem to me I WANT THEM SO BAD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE …………. IIM SIZE 6 AND A HALF !

  36. Gabriel Ahunamba says:

    Love these, had these when I was younger. I’d like a size 5y tyvm. Hope I win

  37. trevor says:

    hook up size 10

  38. Jason says:

    Size 10 !! YEs I have been waiting for these for like a century.

  39. daniel rivera says:

    i need some shoes

  40. Montaka says:

    I am hope I am luck enough to win this shoes.

  41. Kevin Locoh says:

    I need these 3s to begin sneaker headin

  42. vallen friday says:

    Love Jordan: Hook me up brother!

  43. David says:

    I’m a kid that can’t get Jordan’s because they cost to much

  44. Tom bean says:

    O my gosh I would love to win these! I resent lay got a pair but my dad got mad at me and threw them in the fire place. I’m a huge shoe collecter for a 14 year old but I don’t have the money to get a new pair. These would be awesome to win,