Football / 05.02.12

Under Armour Highlight Football Cleats

words // Brandon Richard

As a spectator, it’s hard not to take notice of the Under Armour Highlight Cleat. High-cut cleats are typically reserved for lineman going to work in the trenches, but the Highlight was worn last season by speedy players at all positions. The selling point here is that instead of layers and layers of tape that will inevitably weight you down during gameplay, the Highlight is built with a form-fitting CompFit ankle that delivers a snug fit for a boost in speed in stability.

Additionally, there’s a CoreSpeed chassis that enhances the foot’s natural motion, flexibility and acceleration, helping deliver superior mobility on the field. Foot-forming 4D Foam in the footbed helps the foot stay locked in and comfortable. A 3D molded MPZ tongue uses Under Armour’s lightweight padding for extra foot protection. Lastly, lightweight bladed cleats provide superior traction for quick cuts and acceleration. This heavy duty cleat tips the scales at just 10.3 ounces.

Priced at $130, these new Under Armour football cleats currently available in various colorways, including Newton’s Process Blue/Black style today at  Eastbay.

Available: Under Armour Highlight Football Cleats

Under Armour Highlight MC Process Blue Black

Under Armour Highlight MC Process Red Silver

Under Armour Highlight MC Process Royal Silver

Under Armour Highlight MC Black Silver

Under Armour Highlight MC Black Black (1)

Under Armour Highlight MC Black Black (2)

Author: Brandon Richard

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  1. Tyler says:

    When will these be available for purchase?