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The Jordan Brand Officially Unveils The Air Jordan 2011

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After months of waiting, the Jordan Brand officially unveiled the Air Jordan 2011 today. The 26th shoe in the Air Jordan series is described as one of the most technologically advanced the brand has produced and will be available nationwide on February 17th for a suggested retail price of $170.

Continuing to raise the bar in terms of design and performance, designers Tinker Hatfield, Tom Luedecke and the Jordan Brand team incorporated innovative technology and premium materials into the design of the Air Jordan 2011. Topping the list of those features is the inclusion of interchangeable red and blue midsoles, as well as the first-ever use of handcrafted Patina leather on a performance basketball shoe.

“The Air Jordan 2011 continues the franchise tradition of setting the benchmark for superior performance and design,” explains Hatfield, Vice President, Special Projects and Creative Design for Nike Inc. “As a Brand, we recognize that athletes want a shoe that is truly an extension of their various styles of play and efficiently responds to their individual and environmental cues.“

At the Santa Monica Jordan Brand x Sole Collector Event last October, Tinker mentioned the fact that future Jordan models would continue to pull from the past, but would be constructed with handcrafted, organic materials. For the Air Jordan 2011, the uppers are made with rich handcrafted Patina leather. Each shoe is carefully finished with a hand-burnishing process, ensuring each and every design is unique upon completion. The constellation-inspired design is symbolic of Jordan Brand’s status as a universal brand.

The Air Jordan 2011 will also place emphasis on performance, encouraging athletes to rethink performance with the inclusion of interchangeable midsoles. For a quick, responsive ride, the blue midsole features forefoot and heel Zoom Air units. Explosive athletes will prefer the red midsole, which includes a ¾-inch Air Unit and Cushlon midsole.

“Each year I challenge the Brand to push the envelope in all aspects of the creative process, including design, technology and the overall performance of the shoe,” says Michael Jordan. “The AIR JORDAN 2011 is representative of where we are headed as a Brand in 2011 and beyond. With each passing year, Jordan Brand will look to challenge the way the footwear industry and consumers think about performance, and consistently look to improve upon where we have already been.”

Here’s a detailed look at the Air Jordan 2011, including a couple of tech sheets near the bottom. The Air Jordan 2011 will be available at Eastbay on February 19th.

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Author: Brandon Richard


  1. B-BALLA says:


  2. paulo says:

    ugly, but better than the 2010 (i don’t belive it could be worse than the 2010)

  3. jam says:

    2010 are better than you think. 2011 are so far out the norm it’s hard for people to appreciate it like they should.

  4. jam says:

    2010s are better than you think. 2011s are so far out the norm it’s hard for people to appreciate them like they should.

  5. jameel metts says:

    dont slip for money shoe looks bulky i play in mine like you do /not wear them to the club get back on your shoe game /or sit out like your doing now. or make a ugly shoe like every one else and sell it for $185 $185 ?

  6. MeXbEr says:

    I like them. Can’t wait for the performance review, and see if that interchangeable midsole creates any kind of issues while playing.

    great pictures!

  7. chris says:

    will eastbay be getting any of the year of the rabbit colour?

  8. sid says:

    I have 1 word for this.. ugly… jordan ever!!

  9. carlos says:

    This sneakers look pretty good. I like basketball sneakers, and I don’t purchase them to actually play in, but basketball sneakers are typically the most attractive looking and comfortable sneakers that I have found. So my questions echo those of others here:

    Will Eastbay offer the Year of the Rabbit colorway? If so, when?
    How much do these sneakers weigh? Are they similar to the Zoom V and VI in weight?

    Anyway these sneakers definitely look sweet on the court (see Dwayne Wade), and I don’t see any reason for why they wouldn’t look awesome on the street. Definitely want the YOTR colorway though.

  10. Tim miller says:


  11. Peter Emon says:

    I think they look great! Didn’t like 2010 and 2009!

  12. blayza says:

    I was unimpressed at first glance. But after seeing them on my friend’s feet, I thought they looked a lot better, especially the white/red’s. They look a LOT better than the 2010. My all-time fave’s will ALWAYS be the IIIs.

  13. Dbocalypse says:

    I really like these. To each their own.

  14. darzigma says:

    This pair of shoes is worth every penny man..

    U get the greatness of two Nike’s best innovation in a single price, interchangeable midsoles..

  15. totald23 says:


  16. Jairus says:

    The ugliest planest shoe ever
    idk what they were thinking when they jacked up the price to 170
    Ill purchase them when they hit 99$
    I feel sorry for dwade–all the shoes he has worn so far are disgusting.

  17. idk they not all dat i wouldnt were dem .
    some people thouh can make the worse things
    look good….